Under the banner of Marxism

Pod znamenem marksizma was a Soviet theoretical/philosophical monthly journal published from 1922 to 1944. This is first part of PZM's bibliography.

What was the USSR? - Aufheben

Excellent four-part analysis of the economic system of the Soviet Union examining the most common theories of its nature and pointing out their strengths and flaws.

Labor discipline and the decline of the soviet system - Don Filtzer

The issue of labor discipline lay at the very heart of the antagonistic relationship between the Soviet elite and its work force. Soviet industry was plagued with high labor turnover, absenteeism, heavy drinking, and slow work. Don Filtzer explains how this encouraged the system's eventual collapse.

Unions against revolution - G. Munis

A critique of trade and syndicalist unions from a communist perspective by G. Munis.

Towards a political economy of Stalinism

Paul B.Smith reviews Hillel Ticktin's book: Origins of the Crisis in the USSR: Essays on the Political Economy of a Disintegrating System (from Radical Chains no.4)

Hillel Ticktin was probably the only theorist to predict that the USSR would disintegrate and one of the few who made an attempt to understand its laws by returning to Marx's critique of political economy. For this reason his work has been ignored both by bourgeois sovietology and by the left. Ticktin's work makes it possible to emerge from a theoretical wilderness of competing definitions of the USSR - 'degenerate workers state', 'state capitalist', 'bureaucratic collectivist' …

Political Economy of a Disintegrating Stalinism by Hillel Ticktin


A Marxist analysis of Putin's Russia.

The Mystery of ABC of Communism (of Bukharin and Preobrazensky)

An academic article challenging the anti-bolshevik thesis that the bolshevik policies implemented in war communism period was an indication of their "innate" stalinism. Presenting his case on a reading of ABC of Communism, Lih questions the validity of bias against the Bolsheviks based on the idea that, they were already trying to establish state capitalism with War Communism and they were confusing state capitalism with socialism.

Stalin: Why and How - Boris Souvarine

Boris Souvarine

Souvarine describes Stalin's path of ascent to power as master of Party and State.

1920: The Sapozhkov uprising and the Army of Truth

A short account of the uprising led by Sapozhkov against the Communist government in 1920.

Lamanov, Anatoli Nikolaevich 1889-1921

A short biography of Anatoli Lamanov, the voice and ideologist of the Kronstadt Revolt