Which side are you on?

Billy Elliot's dad's a wanker - don't scab

With a new wave of strikes fast approaching, workers and union officials have to decide on whose side they really are.

Negotiation without the option of a ‘threat’ is called begging

A quick look at scab union 'Voice' and their use of the term 'negotiation'.

What is wrong with crossing a picket line?

Since being brought to the attention of people striking on November 30, the no-strike union Voice has come in for some stick on Facebook and Twitter. They take exception to this, and argue in a blog that their views and their right to not strike ought to be respected. For them, and others who might be of a similar view, here's a quick guide to what exactly is wrong with crossing a picket line.

Scab union that has no ‘Voice'

A brief introduction to the little known teachers union, Voice.