The destructive origins of capitalism - Robert Kurz

Brief essay on the role played by the "military revolution" in 16th century Europe in the genesis of capitalism and, among other things, the historical status of the soldiers of the new standing armies of the emerging nation-states as the "first modern wage workers" and the condottieri as the "prototypes of the modern businessman".

Gang warfare in the Gulf

Libertarian/council communist group Subversion argue against support for either side in the Gulf War.

Winston Churchill and the "second front": a reappraisal - Tuvia Ben-Moshe

This article shows how Churchill's war strategy was determined by British soldiers' reluctance to fight another bloody world war.

Churchill's plans 'to drench Germany with poison gas' and anthrax - Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman

'... It may be several weeks or even months before I shall ask you to drench Germany with poison gas, and if we do it, let us do it 100%.' - Winston Churchill

The signs of the defeat of Libyan revolution

Statement against the UN sanctioned air strikes of Libya by a Libyan anarchist.

Liberalism, realism and the class struggle

Class struggle realism?

A discussion I've been having with friends lately is whether opposing liberalism from a class struggle perspective is just another form of political realism, liberalism's main rival in mainstream political theory. This seems to rest on the relationship between ethics and power in both doctrines, so here's a provisional answer. This isn't just an academic question, as it has implications for class struggle anarchist critiques of liberalism and Leninism/social democracy, which aside from anarchism are the principal ideologies of the current anti-cuts movement.

Down with the new war in North Africa!

Declaration of Russian anarcho-syndicalists KRAS-IWA against the war in Libya.

Israeli invasion of Gaza: a new episode of warmongering electoratism

Israeli tanks roll into Gaza

Mouvement Communiste write in March 2009 on the Israeli invasion of Gaza and its consequences for the working class of Palestine and Israel. In PDF format.

Israel's war against Palestine: Now what? - An interview with Noam Chomsky

In this interview with the Israeli Occupation Archive, Noam Chomsky discusses events in the Middle East, the structural reasons behind the United States' support for Israeli policies, and the value of boycott strategies.

Vietnam - Root & Branch

Article by Root and Branch on the cease-fire called in the Vietnam war.