Israel's war against Palestine: Now what? - An interview with Noam Chomsky

In this interview with the Israeli Occupation Archive, Noam Chomsky discusses events in the Middle East, the structural reasons behind the United States' support for Israeli policies, and the value of boycott strategies.

Vietnam - Root & Branch

Article by Root and Branch on the cease-fire called in the Vietnam war.

Anarchists and the second Chechen war

Anarchists against war in Moscow, 5th of February 2000

Detailed article on the war in Chechnya and historical background in the northern Caucasus from an anarchist perspective by Autonomous Action.

The war in DR Congo: behind the slaughter and looting stand imperialist interests - IBRP

Article from 2008, looking at the interests of various factions involved in the ongoing war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Leaflet on terrorism after 9-11 - Kolinko

Leaflet on terrorism, capitalism and war produced by German group Kolinko after the September 11 attacks in 2001.

East Timor Retrospective - Noam Chomsky

Chomsky in 1999 writes on US intervention and the Indonesian government's bloody war in East Timor since 1975.

Yugoslavia: from wage cuts to war - Wildcat

A look at the effect of the 1991-1995 war in Yugoslavia on the class struggle, and the effect of class struggle on the war.

Somalia: Development by other means - Wildcat

Article analysing the war in Somalia in the early nineties, and the destruction of pre-capitalist social relations there through both military and 'humanitarian' means.

Notes On The Balkan War and the Media, 1999

A critique of the media's relation to the Kosovo war of 1999, coming out of the group "No War But The Class War". It includes a leaflet produced by the group for an anti-war demo. Written in June 1999.

World War II: a people's war? - Howard Zinn

The Normandy landings

Historian Howard Zinn critically analyses the conception that World War II was really a "people's war" against fascism, as opposed to yet another inter-imperialist conflict with nothing to offer working people.