Wayne Foster

The Makhnovists and the Mennonites: war and peace in the Ukrainian Revolution

A Mennonite Selbstschutz unit photographed in the Ukraine, 1918

This is a story about massacres that occurred in Southern Ukraine between 26th October and 7th December, 1919. The victims, avowedly-pacifist German Mennonites, included several women and elderly people; in Eichenfeld, almost one third of the village population was killed, including a 65 year-old blind woman. All the massacres occurred in the vicinity of the Makhnovist army. And then, after six weeks, they stopped.

1938-1956: The tragedy of Karaganda

The story of members of the CNT and other Spanish anti-fascists left stranded in the Soviet Union following the Spanish civil war.

Interview with a member of libcom.org, 2007

A critical interview by Wayne Foster of Steven Johns from the libcom group, about the libcom.org project and the general state of things.

Review: What’s Left? How Liberals Lost Their Way by Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen’s new book is a rebuke to liberal intellectuals who have drowned in their own jargon and Leninist apparatchiks who have become apologists for Islamic fundamentalism. It sounds like a timely and salient contribution to debate, right?

The Adventures of Username 2045 AD

A futuristic dystopian epic also starring Ujiee the primmo girl, Username's beautiful life partner Skippy, Wayne, Revol68, Steven., redyred and supporting cast...

The making of an anarchist - Wayne Foster

Wayne Foster recounts his turbulent early life and how it led to him becoming an anarchist.

Making the most of spontaneous rebellions at work

Advice on how to react when a big issue immediately angers a large number of people at your workplace, in order to try to organise effective action and build collective confidence for further disputes.

Beyond the Future

Spoof press release for an activist event which appeared on the libcom forums in the run up to the G8 summit in Scotland.