Wayne Thorpe

Wayne Thorpe - El Ferrol, Rio de Janeiro, Zimmerwald, and Beyond: Syndicalist Internationalism, 1914-1918

"International syndicalism is our holy family"(1). Thus declared Die Einigkeit, the journal of the German syndicalist trade unions, on 25 July 1914, on the eve of the outbreak of war in Europe. This declaration constituted not only an identification with syndicalist organizations elsewhere but a pledge to honour labour internationalism in the event of war.

The IWW & the Search for an International Policy: 1905-1935

An article exploring the different policies and practices of the IWW in the international field.

Anarchosyndicalism in inter-war France: The vision of Pierre Besnard - Wayne Thorpe

Historian Wayne Thorpe details the thinking of anarcho-syndicalist Pierre Besnard (1886–1947), placing it in the context of inter-war French syndicalism, following the WWI class collaboration of the CGT, of which he had been a member and many anarchists had played leading roles.

The workers themselves - Wayne Thorpe

The Workers Themselves - Wayne Thorpe

Wayne Thorpe analyzes the international policies and endeavors of the syndicalist movement before and after the First World War, relations among national syndicalist organizations, the origins of the International Working Men's Association (founded in 1922), and the collective syndicalist response to rival forms of labour organization.

Revolutionary syndicalist internationalism, 1913-1923: the origins of the International Working Men’s Association - Wayne Thorpe

International Workers Association

A highly detailed 1979 PhD thesis about the origins of the anarcho-syndicalist international, the International Workers Association.