wildcat strikes

Electricians protest against pay cuts - updates and discussion

Update and discussion thread about the UK-wide demonstrations and mostly wildcat strikes of electricians (nicknamed "sparks") against deskilling and pay cuts of up to 35% across much of the industry.

From North East Shop Stewards Network:

"In a virtual declaration of war, Balfour Beaty Engineering Services has today issued 90 day Notices of termination to 890 of their workforce"...

Here's why Washington longshore workers are so angry

A longshore worker faces off against police, 7 September

Violence erupted 7 September in a major labor dispute that has simmered for months at the Port of Longview, leading to work shutdowns at ports up and down the Washington coast. Why are members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) — and their supporters in Washington and Oregon — so upset about a grain terminal that employs just 50 workers?

Here’s why.

Just a matter of gloves - Stan Weir

An account of a work stoppage over the issue of gloves being supplied in a factory.

The local union officials told us that the regional director of the International Union had a fit when they told him we had a sit-down strike. He wanted to know all our names when he found out the issue was cotton gloves. The nature of the work in our department required that we wear them. Each of us wore out a pair every two days.

Workers' autonomy strikes in China - Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivně proti kapitálu

Striking workers at Honda, Zhongshan, summer 2010

A pamphlet by Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivně proti kapitálu about the wave of strikes that swept the industrialised coast of China in the summer of 2010.


The role of the individual and the group in the creation of work cultures - Stan Weir

Stan Weir compares wildcat strikes in Poland and San Diego and their basis in the 'informal work group'.

At the time of this writing (August 1980) two large shipyards separated by eight thousand miles have been closed by illegal strikes. The fate of the sit-in at the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin shipyard in Gdansk and of the pre-revolutionary development it has initiated is still undetermined. The National Steel and Shipyard Company of San Diego, California, however, is running again.

Industrial Workers of the World migrant cleaners Guildhall strike: an example to follow

A participant's report on Friday's strike and picket by cleaners at Guildhall (City of London), in protest at late and unpaid salaries going back months.

We met at 5:30am at Guildhall. Many people went to give solidarity, and the cleaners, who work for the subcontractor Ocean Contract Cleaning, shouted slogans such as "No pay, no work". They painted their hands with the word stop and with their hands up shouting "Stop the Abuse."

Balance sheet of Maruti Suzuki workers' strike - Gurgaon Workers News

Gurgaon Workers' News assess the recent massive strike at Maruti Suzuki auto in India.

Preliminary Balance Sheet of the 13-Days Sit-Down Strike at Maruti Suzuki Factory in Manesar/Gurgaon, India

Wildcats in the post

Article about recent wildcat strikes and disputes in the UK post office from Subversion in 1996.

Charting the class struggle

I was looking into the historical data on strike days in Britain for a feature in Catalyst, but there's a lot more to discuss than we could fit in the paper, so I've extended it to a blog post.

This is the graph we printed in Catalyst. The green line represents thousands of strike days and is read from the left y-axis, black represents inequality as measured by the Gini coefficient, and is read off the right y-axis (100 = one person owns everything and 0 = perfect equality.

Strikes against Stalin in 1930s Russia - Jeffrey Rossman

A detailed account and analysis of the Teikovo cotton workers' strike of April 1932, examining class, gender identity politics in Stalin's Russia.