William Morris

William Morris: Romantic to Revolutionary - E. P. Thompson

William Morris: Romantic to Revolutionary (1955) E. P. Thompson

Part of the series of biographies of William Morris. Thompson's first major work of scholarship was his biography of William Morris, written while he was a member of the Communist Party. Subtitled From Romantic to Revolutionary, it was part of an effort by the Communist Party Historians' Group, inspired by Torr, to emphasise the domestic roots of Marxism in Britain at a time when the Communist Party was under attack for always following the Moscow line.

William Morris and the Early Days of the Socialist Movement (1921)

William Morris and the Early Days of the Socialist Movement (1921)

Part of the series of biographies of William Morris.
Reminiscences of Morris' work as a propagandist, and observations on his character and genius, with some account of the persons and circumstances of the early socialist agitation, together with a series of letters addressed by Morris to the author. With a pref. by May Morris

Biographies of William Morris - reading guide

William Morris

Book length or pamphlet length (10,000 words+) or otherwise notable biographies of the life of William Morris with considerable reference to his politics in chronological order

Against Civilization - John Zerzan

The anthology 'Against Civilization', first published in 1999 by Uncivilized Books, is a well-regarded primer to anti-civ thought. For communists, it contains some valuable texts that are worth reflecting on.

The Road to Freedom Vol. 1, No. 4 (February 1925)

The February 1925 issue of The Road to Freedom, an anarchist newspaper published out of New Jersey and New York from 1924-1932. Contributors include Marcus Graham, William Morris and Harry Kelly.

Louise Michel and William Morris - Linda Richardson

Article by Linda Richardson about the connections between Paris communard Louise Michel and libertarian socialist British artist William Morris.

Anarchist Seeds Beneath the Snow - David Goodway

Broad look at the theory and writers of British class struggle anarchism from turn of the century utopians to contemporary ecologists.

Back to Bax - Radical Chains

Belfort Bax belonged to the first generation of British Marxists. He was the philosopher who introduced William Morris to dialectics. From Radical Chains no.1

Liberty: A journal of anarchist communism

Liberty (front cover)

Founded in London in 1894 by James Tochatti and Louisa Sarah Bevington, Liberty (subtitled A Journal of Anarchist Communism) was a short-lived but influential anarchist publication. Contributors included William Morris, Sam Mainwaring, Errico Malatesta, Peter Kropotkin, Louise Michel, F. D. Nieuwenhuis and others.

The policy of abstention - William Morris

A speech given by William Morris in 1887 arguing for abstention from participation in the Parliamentary process and arguing for libertarian socialism.