Gender, migration and domestic labor

Happy cleaner: a recruitment photo

Prol-Position on the proletarianisation of domestic labour and housework, and the role of migrant workers and gender.

Fighting plant closure: Women in the Plessey occupation, 1982 - Patricia Findlay

Occupied Plessey plant

A history of the occupation of the Plessey capacitor plant in 1982 after its closure was announced by 220 women workers.

Thoughts on 8 March (Women’s Day) - Ting Ling

Ting Ling (also spelled Ding Ling)

A discussion of Women's Day - written in 1942 in Yenan, China, where the Red Army had settled in cave dwellings at the end of their Long March retreat. This text was one of several that made criticisms of the ruling Maoist elite at Yenan. It was condemned as "narrowly feminist" and Ting Ling and others were successfully pressured to repent and disown their criticisms. Nevertheless - depending on the changing fortunes of competing bureaucratic factions - Ting Ling suffered periodic persecution for decades afterwards as a result of daring to publicly criticise the ruling hierarchy.

Make Your Own Tea: Women's Realm and Other Recipes and Patterns

Article from issue 73 of Class War looking at the reasons why so few women joined Class War (and other revolutionary groups).

Women in the Spanish revolution - Solidarity

Liz Willis writes on the conditions and role of women in and around the Spanish Civil War and revolution of 1936-1939.

Ridge, Lola: anarchist and poet

A brief biography of Lola Ridge, New Zealand anarchist and poet by Mark Derby.

Burnsall strike 1992 - European Counter Network

Report on a 1992 strike at a metal finishing company following a worker suffering miscarriage, after management refused her light duties.

The women are marching - European Counter Network

Report on a demonstration in London on International Day to End Violence Against Women, 1992.

Constructive policy versus destructive war - Marie Louise Berneri

These two excerpts appeared originally in the anarchist paper War Commentary, and have been republished in the posthumous collection of Berneri's articles, Neither East Nor West (Freedom Press, 1952) and more recently in Robert Graham's Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas Vol. 2 (Black Rose Books, 2009). Berneri puts forth a scathing criticism of the hypocrisy of "left wing" parliamentary politics and of the capitalist war machine.

Baron, Fanya aka Fanny Grefenson, aka Anisimovna aka Fanny Baron 1887-1921

Fanya Baron

A short biography of Fanya Baron, an idealistic young anarchist who suffered the brutality of both the US police and the Russian Cheka.