Peron, Eva "Evita", 1919-1952

Eva Peron

A critical look at the life and political actions of Eva "Evita" Peron, widely regarded as a hero of the poor and downtrodden.

Victoria nurses' strike, 1986 - Liz Ross

Striking nurses march, 1986

The history of the second state-wide strike of nurses in Victoria, Australia against cuts and over wages, conditions and staff/patient ratios, which won its demands, with the solidarity of other workers.

The Victoria nurses' strike, 1985

The history of the first state-wide strike of nurses in Victoria, Australia over wages and staff/patient ratios. It ended in a partial victory, despite the unions' lack of militancy, and more importantly laid the groundwork of rank-and-file organisation which was to play a key role in the 1986 nurses' strike.

The Kortex sweatshop strike, 1981 - Sandra Bloodworth and Tom O'Lincoln

The history of a victorious strike of 300 mostly female immigrant workers in an ultra-exploitative textile sweatshop in Australia.

The Lawrence textile strike, 1912 - Sam Lowry

Strikers face off with militia in Lawrence

A short history of the strike of 20,000 textile workers, mostly women and girls who included native and immigrant workers, which won big concessions over wages, conditions and hours for the entire textile industry

The door to the garden: feminism and Operaismo - Mariarosa Dalla Costa

A paper on the history of Italian Marxist feminism given at a seminar on Operaismo ('workerism') held in Rome, June 2002 (3,000 words).

Nikiforova, Marusya, 1885-1919 - Nick Heath

Marusya Nikiforova

A short biography of Russian anarchist guerrilla and orator Marussia Nikiforova, who fought in the Russian Civil War following the 1917 Revolution.

Sharpley, Kate, 1891-1978

Kate Sharpley

Brief biographical information about London resident, anarchist and World War I-widow, Kate Sharpley who once attacked Queen Mary.

Thalmann, Clara, 1910-1987

Portrait of Clara Thalmann from a photo taken in 1953.

A biography of Swiss anarchist Clara Thalmann, who travelled to Spain to fight in the Durruti Column in the Civil War.