Documentary representations of British and European Muslim women. Essay review

Follow-up to ‘Same Difference’ examines images of Muslims in photography and television

In The Cut - review

Tom Jennings’ review of Jane Campion's 2003 postfeminist erotic thriller

Dancehall Dreams by Tom Jennings (2004). Music review – Tom Jennings

Tom Jennings’ essay on contemporary urban music, gender and class.

Michaelis, Margaret born Margaret Gross, 1902-1985

A short biography of modernist photographer and anarchist Margaret Michaelis 1902-1985.

Estorach, Soledad, 1915-1993

A short biography of Soledad Estorach, one of the most dynamic founders and activists of Mujeres Libres.

Silva Cruz, Maria, 1915-1936

Maria Silva Cruz

A short biography of the iconic figure of Maria Silva Cruz, "La Libertaria," heroine of the Casas Viejas uprising, murdered by the Francoists.

Women in the 1919 Winnipeg strike - Fireweed

A brief article from the feminist magazine Fireweed about women in the 1919 general strike in Winnipeg.

Götze, Anna, 1875-1958

A short biography of anarchist and German revolutionary Anna Götze.

A brief history of the Gay Liberation Front, 1970-73

GLF US poster

A short account of the Gay Liberation Front in the UK, written by Stuart Feather.

Caleffi, Giovanina, 1897-1962

Giovanna Caleffi with Maria Luisa (on the left) and Giliana Berneri

Biography of Italian anarchist Giovanina Caleffi aka Giovanna Berneri, who, as well as being involved in anti-fascist resistance during the Second World War and helping rebuild the Italian anarchist movement after it, was also the wife of Camillo Berneri and mother of Marie Louise and Giliana Berneri.