Make Your Own Tea: Women's Realm and Other Recipes and Patterns

Article from issue 73 of Class War looking at the reasons why so few women joined Class War (and other revolutionary groups).

Women in the Spanish revolution - Solidarity

Liz Willis writes on the conditions and role of women in and around the Spanish Civil War and revolution of 1936-1939.

Ridge, Lola: anarchist and poet

A brief biography of Lola Ridge, New Zealand anarchist and poet by Mark Derby.

Burnsall strike 1992 - European Counter Network

Report on a 1992 strike at a metal finishing company following a worker suffering miscarriage, after management refused her light duties.

The women are marching - European Counter Network

Report on a demonstration in London on International Day to End Violence Against Women, 1992.

Constructive policy versus destructive war - Marie Louise Berneri

These two excerpts appeared originally in the anarchist paper War Commentary, and have been republished in the posthumous collection of Berneri's articles, Neither East Nor West (Freedom Press, 1952) and more recently in Robert Graham's Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas Vol. 2 (Black Rose Books, 2009). Berneri puts forth a scathing criticism of the hypocrisy of "left wing" parliamentary politics and of the capitalist war machine.

Baron, Fanya aka Fanny Grefenson, aka Anisimovna aka Fanny Baron 1887-1921

Fanya Baron

A short biography of Fanya Baron, an idealistic young anarchist who suffered the brutality of both the US police and the Russian Cheka.

Roda, Maria 1877-1958

Newspaper cover

A short biography of Maria Roda, a fierce champion of women's liberation and anarchism, active in Italy, France and the United States.

Buela, Juana Rouco 1889-1969

Juana Rouco Buela

A short biography of Juana Rouco Buela, formidable fighter for women's liberation and anarchism

Look to the future - Sylvia Pankhurst

Sylvia Pankhurst discusses the limitations of the increased suffrage of the Representation of the People Act 1918.