On the Woman Question: An Orientation

Selma James delivered this report on behalf of the Johnson-Forest Tendency. Selma James was an important figure in the Johnson-Forest Tendency, a co-author of the pamphlet, A Woman’s Place, during the Correspondence period.

Sex, race and class - Selma James

How capitalism and the Left have mystified the real relationships between these categories.

Socialism, anarchism and feminism - Carol Ehrlich

Socialism, anarchism and feminism - Carol Ehrlich

Carol Ehrlich's 1977 anarchist feminist text.

Untying the knot

Untying the Knot was a pamphlet which republished the Jo Freeman text Tyranny of Structuralessness and included a response by Cathy Devine, on how we organise radical groups and how we act as radicals so as to avoid a disordered political movement. Since being written in the early 1970s, both these essays have had a profound influence on both the feminist and anarchist movements world-wide.

Carpena, Pepita, 1919-2005

Pepita Carpena

A biography of veteran Spanish anarchist and women's liberationist Pepita Carpena.

Berneri, Marie Louise, 1918-1949

Marie Louise Berneri

Marie Louise Berneri was a leading member of the Freedom Group during the Spanish Civil War, the Second World War, and until her early death.

Mombiola, Maria, 1914-2000

Maria Mombiola

A short biography of Spanish anarchist Maria Mombiola, who fought in and assisted the Resistance to Franco.

Fabbri, Luce, 1908-2000

Luce Fabbri

A biography of, Luce Fabbri, an Italian anarchist who joined her father in exile in Uruguay and played a key part in both country's movements until her death.