Women's subversive individualism in Barcelona during the 1930s - Michael Seidman

This short text, drawing on H. E. Kaminsky's testimony, discusses the Spanish Revolution in regard to what was wrong in the CNT and UGT’s lack of critique of labour and work, as well as their unwillingness to address patriarchy.

Pesotta, Rose, 1896-1965

Rose Pesotta, 1965.

A short biography of Ukrainian-born Jewish anarchist and garment worker labour organiser Rose Pesotta.

Sirakova, Mariola, 1904-1925

Mariola Sirakova

Biographical information about Bulgarian student, actress and anarchist revolutionary Mariola Sirakova.

Zazzi, Maria, 1904-1993

Maria Zazzi

A short biography of life-long Italian anarchist militant Maria Zazzi.

Marx, Jenny - obituary by Frederick Engels

Engels' biography and obituary of Jenny Marx, Karl Marx's eldest daughter.