The women's question and difficulties of feminism in Turkey - Pembenaz Yorgun

First female MPs in Turkey, 1935.

Article examining the extent and nature of women's oppression in Turkey, the attempts of secular-nationalist movements to improve women's conditions and outlining the possible shape of a future feminist movement in the country.


A PDF of the piece 'Gender/Leadership' by Emily a queer materialist feminist from Portland, OR.

The main enemy - Christine Delphy

The main enemy - Christine Delphy

Delphy critiques Marxist accounts which place feminism secondary to economics, and instead offers a materialist feminist account which takes seriously concepts of production, reproduction and class.

Anarcha-feminism and the newer “woman question”

stacy questions the adequacy of the ideals of sisterhood and equality asking instead whether the power structures that have created the category of 'women' and all that is coercive about gender should be opposed.

Radical America #12.04: Sexual harassment at the workplace

Issue of Radical America journal primarily about sexual harassment at work.

The moral economy of the English crowd in the eighteenth century - E. P. Thompson

E. P. Thompson's ground-breaking article on the English food riots of the 1700 and 1800s.

Abortion: the inside story - Solidarity

Scanned PDF of a leaflet produced in the late 1970s by libertarian socialist group Solidarity on the Karman technique of abortion. This is not a DIY abortion guide and under no circumstances should anyone who is not a fully qualified medical professional carry out a termination. We reproduce this leaflet for historical reference only.

Trotskyism on the edge - on the SWP crisis

A few more notes on the crisis in the UK Socialist Workers Party (SWP) that seems to have entered new territory.