Notes on the manifesto against labor - Jaime Semprun

Jaime Semprun criticizes the Krisis Group's Manifesto Against Labor for clinging to what he refers to as the "obsolete" idea that the existing productive forces of capitalist big industry can be re-appropriated for the purposes of revolutionary change, when such events as Hiroshima and Chernobyl clearly show that these forces have long since crossed the threshold that stands between "productive forces" and "destructive forces", and claims that the "machinery that has paralyzed" "humanity's vital forces" must be destroyed rather than re-appropriated.

Workers against work in the Spanish Revolution - Michael Seidman

The achievements of anarchist ‘self-management’ during the Spanish Civil War show that production can be organised without the bourgeoisie or Leninist parties. But any genuinely anti-capitalist revolution in the 21st century will not be about democratic self-management of capitalist industry. Rather, it will be about the transformation of society world-wide so people can collectively fulfill their needs without any external discipline. Consequently, we need to understand workers’ resistance to work during the Spanish revolution rather than to just praise the achievements of anarchist militants (especially when those ‘achievements’ even included the setting up of labour camps!).

Social Structures, Political Elites and Ideology in Revolutionary Paris - Richard Andrews

The bourgeois and authoritarian nature of the sans-culottes in revolutionary Paris.

The Abolition of Labour in Marx's Teachings - Uri Zilbersheid

Uri Zilbersheid on Marx's little-discussed ideas on the abolition of labour.

What work matters?

Chris Carlsson on the futility of much work under capitalism.

Karl Marx on alienated labour

An extract from Marx's 1844 Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts on the process of alienation of the worker from their work.

Libertarian socialism - Dave Lamb

Dave Lamb looks at socialism as the resistance of workers to work and bureaucracy.

Work and the free society - Anarchist Federation

The Anarchist Federation analyse work in modern capitalist society, what is wrong with it and what we can all do to help rectify it.

Useful work versus useless toil - William Morris

'The Months' tile panel - Morris, Marshall, Falkner Co. Painted by Faulkner 1863

An article on the nature of work by the nineteenth century libertarian socialist craftsman/artist and designer.

Questions for alternatives - Kamunist Kranti

A selection of texts by Kamunist Kranti on work, and its domination over all aspects of human life