Time, work-discipline and industrial capitalism - E. P. Thompson

Treadmills old & new - gym & prison

Thompson brilliantly explores the changing relationship to time in class society, describing the change from 'time passed' to 'time spent'; the class struggle over the creation of "the new universe of disciplined time" in factory and school.

A ballad against work - Kamunist Kranti

Indian communist group Kamunist Kranti's pamphlet about and against wage labour.

We don’t want full employment, we want full lives!

Instead of more work, Ken Knabb argues against the rationality of the whole capitalist system which causes mass unemployment at the same time as overwork and presents a series of texts and events from France related to this critique.

Organising at work: introduction

A basic introduction on why we should organise at work, and a few tips on how to get started.

To work or not to work? Is that the question? - Gilles Dauvé

Gilles Dauvé critically examines the idea that previous revolutions failed due to them viewing communism as being the affirmation of labour as opposed to being anti-work.

The Refusal of Work


Article about the movement towards the refusal of work in the 1970s.

Work is still the central issue - Harry Cleaver

Text by US academic Harry Cleaver, showing why work is still central to today's society, and that a Marxist economic analysis is still relevant.

The right to be lazy - Paul Lafargue

Artwork for

Paul Lafargue argues for the working class's right to be lazy, and why productivity is the bosses' problem, not ours...

The reproduction of daily life - Fredy Perlman

Fredy Perlman's excellent analysis of alienation and the way in which we as workers reproduce the capitalist economy in our everyday lives.

The Abolition of Work and Other Myths

Neala Schleuning on work and its abolition.