Workers Dreadnought

Women members of parliament - Sylvia Pankhurst

Sylvia Pankhurst argues that the election of women to parliament won't overcome the bankruptcy of parliamentary politics.

Radical London & The Workers Dreadnought in the early 1920s - Claude McKay

Arriving in London from the US in 1919, West Indian writer McKay describes in these excerpts from his autobiography how he became involved in radical circles and worked on Sylvia Pankhurst's Workers Dreadnought paper.

Why we need the Fourth Communist Workers' International - Herman Gorter (1921)

A topical 1921 article by Gorter that appeared in Sylvia Pankhurst's Workers Dreadnought.

The World Revolution, 1924

A 1924 article for Sylvia Pankhurst's Workers Dreadnought.

1920: The Communist Party - Provisional Resolutions towards a Programme

Pankhurst's programme for the new British Communist Party was expressive of the "ultra-left" tendency that criticised working within the existing bourgeois structures of trade union bureaucracies and parliamentary parties. Lenin, in his counter-revolutionary manual "Left Wing Communism - An Infantile Disorder", defended such reformist policies as he criticised Pankhurst and other "ultra-lefts".

1920s: Communism vs. Reforms: Mistakes of the Communist Party in Ireland

Limerick United Trades and Labour Council, 1919 - The Limerick Soviet

Pankhurst exposes the reactionary role of the Communist Party of Ireland and gives some background information on the Limerick and Cork soviets.

Communism And Its Tactics - Sylvia Pankhurst

Pankhurst's communist vision - from her Workers' Dreadnought newspaper of 1921.