Workers Revolutionary Party

Understanding left cults (SWP, SP, Spiked, WRP) - a reading list

Animal Farm

Selected reading on cultlike behaviour of left-wing parties in the UK.

Whatever happens to the Socialist Workers Party in the present crisis over rape allegations, non-party activists will be working with (and against) the SWP for some time to come.

The break-up of the WRP: from the horse’s mouth - Simon Pirani

An account by one of its former activists of the breakup of the UK Trotskyist group Workers Revolutionary Party following widespread sexual abuse by its leader, Gerry Healy in the mid-1980s. Trigger warning for discussion of sexual abuse.

In the controversy surrounding the Socialist Workers Party, and the way it has dealt with accusations of rape and sexual harassment by a leading member, the break-up of the Workers Revolutionary Party in 1985 has been referred to as a worst-case scenario. Warnings have been issued that, if the SWP is not careful, it will end up like the WRP.

Revolution betrayed - the Workers Revolutionary Party and Iraq

Gerry Healy early on, sharing the stage with Ted Grant and Sid Bidwell

Two articles from Solidarity on corruption in the Workers Revolutionary Party and its links with Saddam Hussein and other Middle Eastern governments.