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Folsom prison strike manifesto and bill of rights 1970

In 1970, prisoners protesting about the brutal regime at Folsom Prison, went on strike for 19 days. They wrote the following manifesto and bill of rights in support of their action.

The following manifesto and bill of rights were written in 1970 by inmates at Folsom prison in the United States. They were formulated to support a prisoners strike.

Diane Abbott: stupid, naïve, or a racist?

Diane Abbott has made remarks on twitter that have been deemed as racist by some, and not by others. She has form for making remarks that have racial undertones, but is she a racist, or just stupid?

I have briefly watched and read the media coverage of the debate around Diane Abbott’s comments on twitter. For those who did not see them, she said:

Venezuelan prison occupation

1000 friends and family members of inmates are currently occupying a prison in Venezuela. This in protest against the judicial system, and prison conditions and brutality. The Venezuelan government believes the occupation to be part of a CIA backed plot to destabilise the country.

Around one thousand friends and family members of inmates held within Venezuelan prisons, have today entered the Yare prison near Caracas, and have refused to leave. They are made up of around 800 women, 150 children, and a handful of men.

Working class self organisation's top ten most read blog posts of 2011

As it says in the title. Forgive me for my moment of self indulgence.

1 Tommy Robinson to leave the EDL for the British Freedom Party

2 Thatcher’s funeral plans are finalised

3 Jeremy Clarkson is a cunt

4 US warplane sabotaged at Shannon Airport

Hidden victims of austerity

2011 has seen a massive increase in people registered as homeless and people sleeping rough. However, the governments housing minister Grant Schapps claims that 'homelessness' is at a historic low.

The last year has seen workers taking pay cuts, pay freezes, and redundancies. To make matters worse, they are paying more for their food, petrol, utility bills, and for public transport. Many workers have seen a ‘real terms’ pay cut.

Egypt’s security forces massacred prisoners during the revolution

During the Egyptian revolution of January 2011, security forces massacred over 100 prisoners, and injured thousands more in many of Egypt's prisons. Whilst in other prisons, the state engineered the escape of prisoners in an attempt to destabilise the revolution. The Egyptian state are now attempting to cover up the atrocities.

During the Egyptian revolution of January 25th 2011, the world’s media was focused on events in and around Tahir square. As you would expect, the state was not going to give in without a fight. They responded to the largely ‘peaceful’ protesters, by killing 846 people, and injuring a further 600.

Moscow anarchists on electoral corruption demonstration

A brief report on the activities of Moscow anarchists during the massive protest on the 24th December, against Putin, Medvedev, and electoral corruption.

Reproduced courtesy of,

**This has been translated from Russian. So apologies if some bits do not always make perfect sense**

US warplane sabotaged at Shannon airport

An anonymous group has subverted security at Shannon airport in Ireland, and damaged an American military aeroplane. They have issued a communique outlining their actions, which is reproduced here.

An unnamed group has claimed responsibility for subverting security at Shannon Airport, and damaging an American military warplane. The Irish police and airport authorities are baffled as to how the operation was carried out.

Degrading, de-humanising, and discredited: The UK prison pressure cooker on the boil

The UK prison population has reached yet another record high, and many of the issues that led to the Strangeway's riot of 1990 are back on the rise. The prison system is a thoroughly discredited institution that brutalises people, and makes them career criminals, and social outcasts. If you are under 25, an ethnic minority, and poor, you had better watch out, or you may find yourself in the 'big house'.

The UK prison population has hit yet another all-time high this month. On Christmas day, 88,000 people will be languishing in jail.

120,000 protest against, bandits, criminals, oligarchs, corrupted officials, and other bastards

120,000 demonstrators pack into Moscow to protest against Putin, Medvedev, and election corruption.

For the second time in less than a month, thousands of protestors have descended on Moscow to protest against alleged corruption in recent elections.