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Workplace papers - Sojourner Truth Organization

A 1980 pamphlet of a collection of writings on workplace organizing by the American based 'new communist movement' group, Sojourner Truth Organization.

Office worker's survival guide

The modern office is fraught with dangers. From the risk of getting fired, to stress, repetitive strain injury (RSI), mindnumbing boredom and more. This helpful guide from will help you navigate these hazards to a happy work life, and perhaps a slightly better world...

Fighting and firings at Canada Post

In this post, Phinneas Gage tells a story about action on the job, management retaliation, and workers’ responses.

The Workplace Papers

Short summary of the Sojourner Truth Organization, a group that came out of the so-called "new communist movement" and their views and experience in workplace organizing.

The committee in action - Phinneas Gage

In this article Phinneas Gage describes how workers at Canada Post have organized themselves, and the ups and downs and risks of organizing.

Credit crunched – working in financial services during the 2008-2009 crash

This article comes from a comrade who is a member of the Solidarity Federation in the UK. He describes the article as “An account of working for a credit company during the financial crisis, as well as workers’ attempts to resist speed-ups and workload increases.”

The UK agency workers regulations: an opportunity to organise

Temps: not quite yet equal

A blog entry about the new laws giving agency staff some equal rights with permanent staff, and how we can use them to improve our conditions and build solidarity in the workplace.

Class War on the Work Floor – Audio Recording

We’re pleased to repost this from our comrades at Common Cause.

Death to rank and filism!

The text below appeared in a short-lived project and one-off journal, entitled ‘Anti-Exchange and Mart’, produced in London in 1990. The article has been ‘lost’ until just recently. The article was written by a member of the Communication Worker’s Group (CWG), a rank and file postal workers organisation. It is a detailed examination of the challenges that faced, or perhaps, issues that beset, the group, written very shortly after the dissolution of the group. The text here is exactly as it appeared in 1990.

Holding the line: informal pace setting in the workplace

Juan Conatz recalls an experience working in a warehouse which was trying to increase productivity and the resistance that some of his co-workers responded with.