Yavor Tarinski

Towards Autonomy: The Social Experiment in Rojava

The struggle of the communities in Rojava can be viewed as integral part of the grassroots projects and radical endeavors for social liberation.

Beyond the “growth” doctrine - Yavor Tarinski

In order to be able to imagine and to create a society that is not based on constant economic growth, we have to move beyond narrow mechanistic and consumerist thinking.

Football as a commons - Yavor Tarinski

Football has been turned from a commons shared by everybody who loves and practices it, to big business put in service of profit. In this article are described alternatives in which the sport has been run by players and fans.

Direct Democracy: Beyond Hierarchy

We live in dynamic times where a global crisis is slowly penetrating every sphere of our lives. In response to the contemporary state of uncertainty people are rising all across the globe demanding change. There are different proposals as to what direction our society should take.

Direct Democracy is not Utopia (Yavor Tarinski)

One of the most common arguments against direct democracy is that it sounds as a very good idea, but it is impossible to implement.

Steps Towards a New World (Yavor Tarinski)

Nowadays the exit from the so-called economic crisis in Europe has become the main topic of conversation. Various politicians, “experts” and technocrats speak of possible exits from the critical situation in which our societies have been trapped. But in the midst of the heated debates and worsening living standards, on the horizon has emerged one different alternative – one coming from the grassroots.

Sortition and Direct Democracy (Yavor Tarinski)


An article examining the practice of sortition today and its role as organic and necessary, but highly neglected, part of the direct democracy as anti-authoritarian form of self-management.