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'Rojava revolution' reading guide

The one thing that everyone can agree on about the situation in the Kurdish areas of Syria is that it is complicated.

Here's a list of the most informative writings on the subject from a wide range of political views:

Nao's recommended sources on China

Qinshihuang burning books

Lists of recommended books, articles, films, and websites about China. (Links to commentaries forthcoming.) Updated October 21, 2014.

Postal service - reading guide

From postal worker Paul Petard's 'Don't be an overtime addict' comic.'s reading guide on working life and struggles written by and about workers in the postal service.

Selected bibliography on the history of the CPs in the Arab East

Selected bibliography put together by the Khamsin collective on the history of the Communist Parties of the Middle East, with books in five different languages.

Understanding left cults (SWP, SP, Spiked, WRP) - a reading list

Animal Farm

Selected reading on cultlike behaviour of left-wing parties in the UK.

Unions - reading guide's reading guide around trade or labour unions and the role they play in modern society.

Work - reading guide's guide to reading around the subject of work and wage labour in capitalist society, and struggles against them.

Oriental Jewry annotated bibliography

During the last decade a plethora of books devoted to the subject of Oriental Jewry has been published in Israel or by Israeli authors. The following list, compiled and annotated by Avishai Ehrlich, is only par­tial. Unless mentioned otherwise, the books in this list are in Hebrew.

Anarcho-syndicalism - reading guide

Members of anarcho-syndicalist USI-AIT, Milan, 2012.'s reading guide on anarcho-syndicalism, a tradition of anarchist-inspired workers' unions.

Women and feminism: reading guide

Marina Ginesta, a revolutionary during the Spanish Civil War's reading guide on feminism, women and women's struggles against patriarchy and capital.