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2006 - CPE Struggle and the Myth of May 68

40 reasons why Tariq Ramadan is a reactionary bigot (2005)

Gilets jaunes : don't you find a little disturbing to hail French pigs ?

Yellow Vests try to gain the support of French pigs

Gilets jaunes et confusion politique has been published in French

About the Gilets jaunes : Even oysters

The "Gilets jaunes" seen from my workplace

"We want cash while we wait for communism."


The National Front and its influence among French workers (2015) - Part 1

The National Front was initially created by several fascist groups in 1972. Its first significant national victory was in 1986 thanks to to the "Socialist" President Mitterrand who wanted to divide the Right and temporarily changed the electoral system which enabled the NF to get 35 MPs this year. From 1988 its influence has grown at every presidential election (except in 2007 because of a split) reaching 21,7 % of the votes in 2017 10;6 million of the votes among 46 million of potential voters).

The National Front and its influence among French workers (2015) - Part 2

This National Front is a political UFO... A very dangerous one: even if specialists and militants don't agree about what should be the right label: fascist? postfascist? national-populist? It's a very dangerous enemy for the working class...

The National Front and its influence among French workers (2015) - Introduction

This text was presented in London in July 2015 during an "Ideas for freedom" meeting organized by the AWL, a Trotskyist group with whom I have strong differences on many subjects but.... which invites me regularly to debate about France. Since 2015, unfortunately, the influence of the National Front has grown, especially among the working class. I will write a new article at the end of June after the Parliamentary elections...

What's new in France for the Left ? Presentation and table of contents


This collection of articles deals mainly with problems which have been intensely dividing the “revolutionary ” Left in France recently: some are relatively new (the growing social and political importance of a foreign-born population, the growth of Islam, the clash between identity politics and French Republicanism), some are indeed quite old: the attitude of the workers movement towards national identity, religion, French nationalist form of universalism, the bourgeois state, electoral politics, anti-Semitism and the “Jewish question,” Zionism, the nature and role of Trotskyism, political violence, etc.

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