Arson attack on the offices of the Golden Dawn

Arson attack on the offices of the Golden Dawn

Unknown individuals have burnt down offices in Athens that belong to the fascist 'Golden Dawn' party.

The Greek fascist party, the Golden Dawn, have received significant fire damage to their offices in central Athens following an attack by unknown individuals.

The offices are on the fourth floor of a tower block, and were empty at the time.

The Golden Dawn has issued a press release condemning the attack:

“It is yet another terrorist attack. The national struggle will continue just as powerfully until Greece belongs once more to the Greeks”

The Golden Dawn received around 7% of the vote in recent elections and has over 20 MP’s in the Greek Parliament.

Since they gained office, the number of attacks on immigrants in Greece has sky-rocketed. Not only do they encourage attacks on immigrants, their officials actively participate in them, often in league with the police (50% of whom voted for the Golden Dawn in recent elections).

This is the second time this year that offices by the Golden Dawn have been targeted. In March, their offices in the port town of Patras were destroyed by unknown individuals.

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Aug 13 2012 22:36

Couldn't happen to a nicer group of people

Ewan Hoozarmy
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General Strike
Aug 14 2012 00:30

Make total destroy!

Aug 14 2012 00:34

terrible shame, terrible etc etc

gram negative
Aug 14 2012 00:39

I hope they receive more warm receptions

Redwinged Blackbird
Aug 14 2012 04:36

Violence against fascists is counter-revolutionary or something.

Aug 14 2012 10:08

Some Greek mainstream media coverage

Greek Reporter: Golden Dawn office firebombed in Athens after Iraqi’s murder


Greek authorities say arsonists firebombed an office of the far-right political party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) in the area of Pagkrati, Athens, a day after the brutal murder of a 19-year-old Iraqi immigrant on Aug. 13. Witnesses said he was attacked by five men on motorcycles and stabbed a number of times...

Athens News: Young Iraqi fatally wounded in Athens


A young Iraqi national was attacked and fatally wounded in the early hours of Sunday, police have revealed.
According to a police statement, the young man was assaulted while walking along Anaxagoras Street in Athens, at approximately 4 in the morning and received numerous strikes with a sharp object, possibly a knife.
He was taken to the Evangelismos hospital, where despite the best efforts of the available doctors he died just after noon.
Early reports from witnesses have police looking for five individuals who were riding motorcycles in the area, who prior to attacking the unfortunate Iraqi had attempted to assault a Romanian and a Moroccan national.
Police have refused to comment on the fact that the method of the attackers is very similar to other attacks on immigrants that have been pinned on Golden Dawn supporters…

Aug 14 2012 16:12

This news certainly warmed the cockles of my heart.

Aug 14 2012 16:23

That photo makes them look like a really shit Public Enemy tribute act!