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Late last night it was pointed out on twitter that has a far higher Alexa rating than (known as libcon). This caused ex-Tory supporter turned Coalition voter Sunny Hundal to have a cry.

Since then it's been pointed out by one twitter user that Alexa stats are largely meaningless, not something that we'll dispute, and that if you compare our 2009 and 2010 stats with libcon's from July 2011 the traffic both sites receive is largely the same. Now I don't really care about these figures but it's worth refuting libcon/Sunny's hysterical claims that we're irrelevant.

So I logged into google analytics to get our stats for July 2011 so I could compare them with libcon's. I discovered that Libcom and libcon both recieve a similar amount of unique visitors, although the amount we recieve is slightly higher. But, the number of page views we get is significantly higher. We always knew our content was better but it's nice to see that the figures prove it.


Over 164,000 Absolute Unique Visitors
Total page-views for the month were over 450,000.


Over 167,000 Absolute Unique Visitors
Total page-views for the month were over 760,000

Libcon should be bigger as it's an empty echo chamber for mainstream views, the figures show they can't even manage that. Over on libcon Sunny listed the top 10 articles read that month, I thought it would be interesting to have a look at the most popular here in the same period, I was glad to see they were a mixture of libertarian communist analysis of current events, historical articles and most importantly advice on organising at work.

1. Alleged Norwegian spree killer has EDL links

2. The Black Sea Revolt - Tico Jossifort
3. What happens if the USA defaults on its debts?
4. Greece: 2nd Day of General Strike 29/6 - Unprecedented Police Brutality at Syntagma Square
5. Work-to-rule: a guide
6. The Third Wave, 1967, an account - Ron Jones
7. Samsung workers in Mexico on hunger strike - Solidarity needed
8. Dealing with bullying at work guide
9. Preliminary notes towards an account of the "movement of popular assemblies" - TPTG
10. The new Integralist Conservatism: a briefing

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Sep 9 2011 12:28


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Matt Wardman
Sep 9 2011 15:14

As the Twitter User who posted the stats' links (and is enjoying watching the twitspat wink), I'd say that you're right not to care. Any comparison difference much less than x2 is not worth any worry.

The one thing that is significantly different seems to be that your traffic is more international, and news-based, than @libcon.

You used to be able to get your site into the Alexa top 120k by installing the toolbar and visiting it once a day; it's better now, but still not much good ,top 30k or so aside - except to impress silly people.

Sep 9 2011 15:22

Lol! that Tshirt is harsh!

I just looked over his twitter, the comments about fleas really are pathetic.

Whenever I have read stuff on Libcon it has always been shite, I didn't realize Hundal was behind it laugh out loud

Sep 9 2011 18:17

why would you be baffled? no one knows the esoteric meaning of the word "activist" except a few posters on libcom. anyone you met would probably see you as an activist, Jim... it's like expecting people not to think of Stalinist Russia when you use the word communist

Caiman del Barrio
Sep 9 2011 18:55

TBF try as you might to deny it, and as fancypants and hipster-esque in our attempts at distinguishment maybe, there's still a massive activist element to our activity (not like we're struggling over our material conditions is it...yet!), and I imagine that's what the anonymous Tweeter saw in this squabble.

Jun 5 2013 10:04

Someone just used the future-face-stamping-boot quote which reminded me, as it always does, of that t-shirt with Sunny Hundal. I think it used to be here but the image has disappeared? Is it possible to get it back, for posterity's sake?