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Some thoughts on Chomsky on Education

Some scattered thoughts on this recent video of Noam Chomsky talking about the different interpretations of 'education'. This largely got me thinking about some of the functions of the schools I've worked in, and the effects on students

Kropotkin and the scientific community in England in the 1870s and 80s

A short post on a small act of solidarity from a Nature editor in the 1870s.

What happens to 'failing' academies?

We know what the government does with 'failing' schools; turns them into academies.... but what do they do with failing academies?

Education round-up 1 April 2012

Short one cos it's easter. Just a bit on the next logical steps for the academies agenda.

Education round-up 25/3/12

Threat to shorten school summer holidays. Gove says 'man up'.

Tired cops less likely to recognise you

Johnny Lawman all up on you? RUN!

Chomsky in New Scientist

Chomsky interview in New Scientist

Education round-up 17/3/12

NUT London Pensions strike. Wilshaw joins Gove with his numeracy problems. Downhills Primary and Montgomery Primary academy struggles.

Report: Combating workfare in Birmingham

Brief report on the Boycott Workfare demo in Birmingham 3rd March.

Organising MMA fighters

The attempts to secure basic rights for mixed-martial arts fighters continue in the US.

Education round-up 19 Feb 2012

Equality in schools apparently not important to Gove. More on forced academy conversions. Next teacher strike date.

Education round-up 5 Feb 2012

Academies failing and massaging results. Gove thinks everyone is a 'Trot'. Scientists boycott publishing racket.

Academies underperforming

New data suggests that academies are underperforming by the governments own yardsticks, regardless of context. So if they're not 'improving' education, why pursue them? Because they never were about improving education.

Education round-up 29/1/12

Gove and the illusion of dialogue. Montgomery school still fighting academy status.

Hey boss, have you been working out?

Apparently bosses that exercise are nicer. I don't really care.

South African radio news-presenter sacked for swearing, with fascism, capitalism, and wage-slavery his targets.

23 year old news presenter Mark Esterhuysen gets the sack for an anti-fascist, anti-capitalist rant during news broadcast.

Education round-up 21/1/12


Private universities are 'odious'. When redefining words won't do... just be bastards. And your chance to be an Ofsted inspector.

Downhills Save Our School song

Parents, workers and pupils at Downhills Primary School have recorded a song by the pupils and supporters in opposition to attempts to force them to become an academy.

Education round-up 14/1/12

Gove wants to make sacking teachers easier. No-notice inspections by Ofsted. Downhills struggle continues.

Polish MMA promotion gives neo-nazi the boot

Finnish MMA fighter with nazi tattoos gets the boot from KSW in Poland