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2012 reading

What are you planning to read this year? Will you bother your arse doing it?

Sponsored academies in the UK video

A short video summarising some of the issues relating to the academies programme.

Education round up 7/1/12

NUT and NASUWT reject pension offer. Gove talks shite about academies. Sutton council wants to ditch class size limit.

Neuropolitics, neuroeconomics, neuroethics... neurobabble: thoughts on 'Neuromania'

Some initial thoughts on the recent book, Neuromania: On the limits of brain science by Paolo Legrenzi & Carlo Umiltà (trans. by Frances Anderson), Oxford University Press

Class size matters... but money is tight.

The resistance to smaller class sizes in state schools boils down to one thing - economics.

Kim Jong Il - big mad communist or what?

So that Kim Jong Il is dead. The 'Supreme Leader' is dead.

Radicals, Religion and the death of Hitchens

In the few days since Christopher Hitchens died of cancer I've been puzzled by the unqualified tributes by certain 'radicals', for "my enemy's enemy is, only perhaps, my friend"

What would a boxers union look like?

This week on a recent episode of fight sport podcast No Holds Barred there's a section on the possibilities of organising boxers into a union. The discussion notes that other sports have unions and have had high-profile strikes but boxing has never had any noticable level of organising.

Anti-academy strike at Montgomery Primary school

Staff at Montgomery Primary in Birmingham were on strike yesterday over plans to turn the school into an academy.

Academies, Free Schools, and destroying national pay agreements

As expected, academies and 'Free' Schools were much less likely to have closed on the November 30th strikes. This is the thin end of the wedge that ultimately is aimed at breaking teachers unions, scrapping national agreements, and moving to atomised local 'deals'.

Monson interviews after Fedor fight

monson fedor

A few interviews with Jeff Monson about his experience of Russian healthcare, his fight with Fedor, and Putin getting booed.

How'd you end up on libcom?

Just passed the 7 year mark on this dump. How'd you end up here?

Langdon school on strike in Newham

Teachers in Newham, east London, are on strike over management bullying and workload issues.

Wilshaw's war on teachers

Not enough that he could be 'judge, jury and executioner' to teachers from January, Michael Wilshaw wants unions in on the act now too.

'Photocopying? No thanks!' Teachers 'work to rule' in force

Since 1st December, teachers in the NASUWT have been on a 'work to rule', engaging only in tasks within their job description in an attempt to tackle workload issues.

Imagine getting hurt at work, when you should be on strike.

Taking joy in a worker being hurt at work is warped shit, that's not what this is about - you do have to question why they were there in the first place.

Birmingham Nov 30 Strike demo

Brum strike

Brief personal report on the Birmingham November 30th Strike demo today.

Monson loses decision against Fedor

Jeff Monson vs Fedor Emelianenko went this distance this evening in Moscow with Fedor taking it on points.

Jeff Monson v Fedor, this Sunday

Anarchist MMA fighter Jeff Monson is up against Fedor Emelianenko this Sunday in Moscow. Latest interview with him pre-fight.

Occupy philosophy blog

Came across an OccupyPhilosophy blog run by a bunch of philosophers.