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Richard Lewontin "Science & Politics"

A 2003 interview with marxist and evolutionary geneticist Richard Lewontin on the politics of science.

Steven Pinker, the history of violence, and the misuse of 'anarchy'

I've not yet purchased his new book yet, though I'm sure I'll grab a copy sometime, but already all the interviews with him and reviews I've read are fairly infuriating.

Bournville School defeats academy plans

Parents and staff at Bournville school have successfully defeated plans to turn the school into an academy.

Podcast on Kropotkin - A colder voyage of the Beagle

Biologist Lee Dugatkin discusses his latest book, which is about Kropotkin, 'The Prince of Evolution' on Skeptically Speaking podcast.

Monson faces tough fight schedule

Mixed-martial arts fighter and anarchist Jeff Monson is facing a grueling few months as he prepares to take on some big fights before 2011 is done.

Nearly 20,000 academic articles up on Piratebay

Almost 20,000 articles previously behind a pay-wall have been posted on Piratebay in protest at academic publishing.

Jeff Monson documentary

Jeff Monson.

Anarchist mixed martial arts fighter Jeff Monson discusses his life, politics and fight career in a recent documentary.

Kropotkin and the science of altruism

Science historians Oren Harman and Mark Borello discuss the science of altruism and the relationship between politics and science.


A beautiful poem, here preserved for posterity, by two unknown renegades.

Recent anarchist academic conference

Papers from last month's 'Rethinking Anarchy: Anarchism and World Politics' conference are available online.

Is depression an adaptation?

Biologist Jerry Coyne tackles the assumptions of 'evolutionary psychiatry' in his commentary on the supposed adaptive nature of depression.

Neuroscience and war


Will neuroscientists join psychiatrists, psychologists and anthropologists in condemning the use of their labour in the service of war?

Goldacre: 'Argument is about capitalism, not food '

organic food

Ben Goldacre points to the analogies between the 'organic' food argument and the BigPharma vs homeopathy/'alternative medicine' - mainly that all niches will be filled under capitalism.

I blame the parents!

Popular media coverage often lays the blame for youth problems at the feet of parents. New report shows that contrary to received opinion, parents actually take greater interest in what their kids are up to now and monitor their activities more.

MMA and straightedge - nazis fuck off

Don't you hate it when you're into stuff and complete pieces of shit are into it too?

Hoax academic articles, media meddling, and problems with 'open access' as it exists.

Some recent hoax articles are demonstrating the flaws in the control of information and particularly academic publishing. A recent hoax demonstrates that, so long as you are willing to pay, you can get anything published, even computer generated mumbo-jumbo. And if you can't pay, you either don't publish, or the company owns the product of your labour. Open access isn't as open as it seems.

Ben Goldacre 'Steal This Chapter'

Steal This Chapter

Joseph K's 'favourite liberal', NHS doctor and science writer Ben Goldacre has written about bullshit medical research, bogus science reporting, the placebo effect, and everything else from postmodernism to evolutionary psychology.

My legend avatar Boris and UK creationism

Boris the Creation Dinosaur

My legend avatar, Boris the Creation Dinosaur, was in G2 yesterday in The Guardian. Even his cousin, Denver the Last Dinosaur, didn't get in G2.

Anti-vaccination crap undermines attempts to eradicate measles

A paper in medical journal The Lancet last week shows that poor vaccination uptake in some European countries has lead to measles outbreaks across Europe, with just five countries in Europe accounting for 85% of cases. The growing 'exportation' of measles from Europe to regions thought to be clear of measles has undermined immunity elsewhere and setback the worldwide eradication program.

Revisiting the Scopes 'Monkey Trial' - radio feature

Scopes Trial, Dayton, 1925

In 1925, teacher John T. Scopes was tried in Dayton, Tennessee, for teaching evolution in a science classroom. Stephen Jay Gould pointed out a number of misconceptions relating to the trial, and radio feature this week revisited the small town that became known for one of the most famous trials in US history.