Christmas libcom donation appeal

… or maybe we'll just get one of these

A Christmas appeal to our users and readers for donation pledges to help keep running and improving!

Hello all,

Last Christmas, we asked for your time. This Christmas, we are asking for your money!

As you will probably be aware, libcom is funded overwhelmingly by donations.

The bulk of our costs are covered by the membership dues of our admins, with regular donations from a couple of lovely site users.

However, as our traffic has continued to increase our hosting costs have done as well, so that our incomings are no longer matching our outgoings and we are currently running a shortfall of around £40 per month. While we have some funds remaining from past fundraisers, these will eventually be exhausted if we don't get new donors.

Also we would like to upgrade our servers to get the site faster, as well as do things like publicity and some print publishing, all of which will cost money.

So if you use libcom, and appreciate the work we do, please visit our donate page here and slip us some cash. Please post below to say how much you are pledging. If you could make a regular donation that would be particularly great, as it would mean we might not have to do future appeals like this! You can do these via PayPal, or e-mail us for standing order details.

If you don't have any spare money, visit our help out page for other ways you can help make the site a better place for our users.

A Merry Christmas and happy New Year all our users (except the Telegraph journalists) from all of us at!

Donations so far
Pledged: £166.50 + "a couple of quid" + "a few quid" from revol (pledged on Facebook) + £4 per month
Received: £146.50 + £4 per month
Additional donations received but not mentioned here:
£141.50 (including £50 from one individual - thanks!)
£16 per month (including £10 per month from one generous individual)
£10 per year

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Dec 24 2010 18:38


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Dec 24 2010 18:49

I'll get the ball rolling, I'll give an extra £20

Dec 24 2010 19:34

i'll give £10

Dec 24 2010 20:06

tenner, done

Chilli Sauce
Dec 24 2010 22:36


The wife and I will sort out a couple a quid....

Chilli Sauce
Dec 24 2010 22:37

Oh yeah, you should include the fundraising link in there as well.

Dec 25 2010 02:40

crikey steven you ran through all the cash i gave when you were here?

Yorkie Bar
Dec 25 2010 04:58

£20 (but won't have it 'till monday)

Dec 25 2010 09:53

Just did 20 pounds.

Dec 25 2010 10:15

Thanks so much for everyone's generosity so far!

Dec 25 2010 17:32

*edit- Im a council communist now. laugh out loud

Dec 25 2010 22:28
gypsytimetraveller wrote:
*edit- Im a council communist now. laugh out loud


Petey, unfortunately I blew your cash in Atlantic City. I promise to be more careful with these donations. I now have a surefire system…

Dec 26 2010 00:46

I'll either give £20 or £2 a month, but won't be able to do it until tomorrow.
If it wasn't for libcom, I wouldn't be an anarchist smile

Dec 26 2010 14:27

Just done £20 via PayPal.

Dec 26 2010 19:00

Cheers guys!

mons, care to share any more information about that? When did you start reading here?

Dec 27 2010 22:39

I'm giving 20 now.

I was always dissatisfied and political in some way. Probably started reading it about 2 years ago. My memory's shit and so I have no idea how I found libcom. But I read a few introductory texts, and Brinton's Bolsheviks and Workers' Control, all on here and because of that began to identify with anarchism. So I started going along to a local climate camp group, obviously I became critical of their activisty, stunt-focussed approach, and reading the forums here made those criticisms more clear and confident.
I show articles on it to friends sometimes, and I know a couple read it for the student protests stuff. It's great - an anarchist site that isn't embarrassing to show your friends to!

Dec 28 2010 12:34

£2 p/m

Chilli Sauce
Dec 28 2010 16:23

Re: The power of libcom

As I was just telling Ed recently, a friend of ours who also been vaguely political (generally lefty opinions, but always identifying as a "moderate") has recently taken an interest in libcom (on his own accord). That, combined, I think, with the student protests, has really sharpened his politics. So yeah, power to the libcom.

Dec 28 2010 20:24

I'll give something as soon as I get my paypal payment option verified.

Dec 31 2010 00:22

There's £10, aka AUD$1,000.

Jan 2 2011 17:01

Just to say thanks again for everyone who has donated so far for your generosity! We could not keep going without you.

Also just a little bump to remind people who made pledges who may not have sent over the money yet…

Jan 2 2011 18:32

£36.50, cause the abolition of wage labour costs just 10p a day...

Chilli Sauce
Jan 2 2011 23:57
£36.50, cause the abolition of wage labour costs just 10p a day...

You know, I really like that. Had libcom been so creative, they might have an extra £26.50 of my money. cool

May 20 2011 19:22

Endlessly useful, donated £15....for now.

May 20 2011 19:35

Many thanks!

Dec 24 2011 10:47

Just a bump, as we're not doing a proper donation appeal this year, as we did pretty well last year, but if anyone wanted to track costs a few quid or setup a supporter subscription that would be cool!

If you don't have any money, you could donate us some of your time - there is absolutely loads of work that needs doing on libcom, much of it very easy so let us know if you fancy helping out.

Also we never did get that "few quid" from revol…

Dec 24 2011 10:58
Steven. wrote:
Also we never did get that "few quid" from revol…

I'd have been disappointed if we did.. wink

Dec 24 2011 11:22

He is such a, as you would say "wasteman"

Chilli Sauce
Dec 24 2011 11:58

I donated some books to appear in the library. Remember that? Steven? wink

Dec 24 2011 12:11
Steven. wrote:
He is such a, as you would say "wasteman"

I can confirm this week that this is very much still the case..

Dec 24 2011 12:16
Chilli Sauce wrote:
I donated some books to appear in the library. Remember that? Steven? ;)

I told you I couldn't scan them unless I could cut them up, which you said I couldn't!

TBH I probably shouldn't have taken them off you, but I guess now I have them I might read them!