Cop watch link dump

Cop watch link dump

Blog post for people to post links to stories about police brutality and violence. Trigger warning for police violence and sexual violence.

For a while I have thought it would be good for someone to have a blog on libcom dedicated to keeping track of police violence.

However, in the absence of anyone volunteering to do that I thought I could put up this blog post and then anyone can post links with short summaries in the comments below as a kind of repository of news of police brutality and abuse of their power.

Even though I have no faith in the police as an institution there to protect us in any way, I have been shocked by the sheer number and sheer outrageousness of police abuses recently that it has prompted me to actually post this up.

So, please post your links and summaries below, and if somebody wants to take on contributing this sort of thing to libcom on a running basis please let me know.

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May 14 2012 18:15


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Aug 30 2013 18:54

30/08/13, US: Rochester, NY police officer filmed punching pregnant woman in the head and throwing her to the ground:

Aug 30 2013 20:17

29/08/13 NYPD beat 12 year old and 14 year old girls, and rip off their hijabs. Two young men assaulted and arrested for filming the incident and trying to intervene.

Aug 30 2013 22:01

23/08/13 Colombia: police murder a young man during a nationwide general strike, then flee on a motorbike, caught on graphic video:

Aug 31 2013 10:22

01/06/13 Hasani and Asanti Williams, two black men were violently attacked by armed officers in Woolwich while driving home. At no time did the officers identify themselves. Instead they smashed the windows of their car, shot out its tires, and proceeded to beat both men with their guns, causing serious injuries to both brothers. Once out of the car, both Hasani and Asanti were subject to racist abuse and continued and prolonged assault, as well as tasering. At no point had either brother shown any sign resistance or attempt to fight back.

The police are now attempting to prosecute Hasani for a minor charge of possession, taking him to Crown Court for an offence that would usually result in a caution.

FB event for demonstration outside Woolwich Crown Court on Weds 4th Sept

Joseph Kay
Sep 2 2013 09:38

Not content with causing the Hillsborough disaster, the cops also robbed the dead and paid the money into the force's bank account:

The Independent wrote:
The police force accused of covering up Britain’s worst-ever sporting disaster profited from the tragedy by keeping money found among the dead and dying at Hillsborough, The Independent can reveal.

Sep 2 2013 22:46

"The Met said it had voluntarily referred the actions of officers who went to the scene to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for assessment" after a 17 year old boy died from his injuries in a fight. The article says he didn't want treatment but on BBC London's 6 o'clock news, they reported he was told there was no ambulances available and if he wanted to be seen, he should get the bus:

Rob Ray
Sep 12 2013 08:58

Parliamentary researcher Alex Bryce on winning his civil case against Met officers who brutalised him and his partner before prosecuting them both for "assaulting a police officer."

“If it wasn't for the CCTV footage our whole lives could have been ruined by the lies of these two officers. The irony is that while I was immediately suspended from Parliament after working there for six years and having done nothing wrong, these officers have kept their jobs ‘guarding’ the House of Commons; this is despite the fact that they physically attacked us and repeatedly lied, including on oath in court, in a determined attempt to secure a false prosecution against us. I can't think of another profession that would tolerate such spectacular levels of misconduct. It is shocking that the Metropolitan Police Service’s standards are so low that these two men are still considered as fit to serve as police officers.”


Which just goes to show that even if you're at the heart of the beast and training to help it eat the working classes you ain't safe from the thugs your masters hired to protect themselves.

Joseph Kay
Sep 15 2013 21:08

NYPD Shoots Two Bystanders While Firing on Unarmed Man:

And in North Carolina, they shot an unarmed man who'd been in a car crash, apparently he ran towards them for help:

Mike S.
Sep 15 2013 23:20
Joseph Kay wrote:
NYPD Shoots Two Bystanders While Firing on Unarmed Man:

And in North Carolina, they shot an unarmed man who'd been in a car crash, apparently he ran towards them for help:

They tried to lie at first and say they tazed him and that he kept running at him but now the story has changed to the tazer gun didn't fire. The cop has been arrested for involuntary manslaughter but me thinks they will let this case sit until, they hope, media attention does down and the cop will probably, at worst, lose his job.

Sad moral of the story? If you're a black male don't go to the police for help. They'll kill you.

Sep 16 2013 10:44

In that case Joseph mentions in North Carolina it has been ruled that the use of firearm was "unlawful" but the cop is only facing charges of killing in "self defence":

Joseph Kay
Sep 16 2013 10:48

Cops, judiciary and the 'I'PCC still fucking the Duggan family off, two years after the shooting of Mark Duggan, which triggered the August riots:

Mark Duggan's brother wrote:
If Mark had been killed by anyone other than a police officer we would be much further down the road by now of knowing what happened.

Caiman del Barrio
Sep 16 2013 11:25

Turkish cops have gone totally fucking insane over the last week or so, with two more protestors dying since last Sunday, leading to a renewed bout of protests in major cities across the country.

Yesterday there was a big solidarity concert in the liberal, student neighbourhood of Kadikoey in Istanbul, which the cops suddenly attacked, leading to barricades and roaming blocs running all over the neighbourhood. The cops responded with volleys of tear gas and plastic bullets fired at close range. One leading journalist was arrested and a middle aged teacher hospitalised with a horrific bullet injury.

This is the kinda distance at which they're firing plastic bullets:

Caiman del Barrio
Sep 16 2013 11:32

There's also the forced eviction of the CNTE teachers' union's camp in the Zócalo of Mexico City to make way for the President's Independence Day parade last Friday. The assault was led by federal police with black hawk helicopters (provided by Bush specifically for the drugs war) & the army (yes, THE ARMY) on standby. One of a million videos here: 32 arrests happened, with rumours of a large number of undercovers in amongst the teachers & some targeted detentions of CNTE leaders.

The operation happened more or less at the same time as similar evictions in Xalapa, Veracruz & Cd Campeche, Campeche. In Chiapas, the teachers left voluntarily, fearful of what might happen.

The CNTE movt has effectively brought Mexico City to a standstill at points over the last month, even forcing Parliament to change venue after blockading the Asamblea Nacional (fortunately, Banamex were on hand to rent them their conference centre wink ). I've been covering it @latinlibnews, but I honestly don't have time to go into detail.

Caiman del Barrio
Sep 16 2013 11:37

Back to Turkey (sorry), here's a useful diagram on how to mitigate against TOMAs:

Sep 16 2013 12:00

15/09/13, US: police in New York shoot two female bystanders while trying to stop an erratic driver who made gun fingers with his hand:

Sep 16 2013 12:43

11/09: 'Black teen who was at police station during street robbery held for 15 hours as a suspect: Shakeil Jackson was inside Thornhill Road police station reporting his motorbike stolen at the time of the crime he was later arrested over'

Sep 16 2013 20:05

This was a couple of months ago, finally found the links.

RIOT police armed with sub-machine guns stormed a city flat following a four-hour stand-off which was sparked when a knife-wielding man in a hockey mask confronted gas workers.

Witnesses told how a battalion of officers – wielding weapons, shields and battering rams – laid siege to the property in Dumbiedykes after the man became “aggressive” when gas engineers attempted to switch his supply to a pre-pay meter.

Scottish Gas called police to the flat on Dumbiedykes Road, Edinburgh just before 1pm on Thursday.

They had tried to get in to cut off the gas after the man did not pay his bills.

Sep 18 2013 13:38
Sep 24 2013 09:50

Seat Belt Violation Results in Florida Police Running African American Man Over:

Joseph Kay
Sep 25 2013 21:30

UK cops admit involvement in illegal construction blacklisting:

Joseph Kay
Sep 25 2013 21:54

US cops enter man's home without a warrant, shoot him dead, claim it was self-defence even though he was unarmed:

Joseph Kay
Oct 8 2013 15:15

Family call an ambulance over suicide attempt, cops decide to cancel the ambulance, arrive and shoot the unarmed black guy dead instead:

'Er he was aggressive with weapons, or something.'

Caiman del Barrio
Oct 9 2013 00:10

Pig steals demonstrator's bag at 2nd October Tlatelolco massacre commemoration demo in Mexico City, but unfortunately for him, everytime he takes a photo with his ill-gotten phone, it's uploaded onto Facebook by an anti-theft app. You can see a picture of the sorry prick here:

Joseph Kay
Oct 10 2013 20:09

Cops racially profile, assault and arrest a black guy in London, failing to notice he's a nationally known actor, get sued for £50,000:

Joseph Kay
Oct 13 2013 06:27

Cop smashes woman's face, just because (warning: violent).

Joseph Kay
Oct 15 2013 08:19

Cops go undercover in school, bully an autistic, bipolar teenager into buying them drugs to the point he starts self-harming, then eventually relents and buys the drugs. They then arrest the kid in class for dealing, lock him up, and get him expelled.

Oct 28 2013 00:28

Drunken off-duty deputy tried to arrest woman at bar when she resisted his advances

COLUMBIA, SC — A drunken sheriff’s deputy was recorded during a strange and inappropriate altercation when he tried to arrest a female soldier at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Columbia, because she allegedly turned down his advances.

Nov 10 2013 11:26

Leon Briggs, 38, from Luton, died after being detained in the town on Monday under the Mental Health Act. He was seen being restrained, pinned down and screaming constantly in pain, complaining his cuffs were too tight.

Dec 7 2013 14:45

There's so much that could be said about the increase on the increase in state repression in the UK, the "crackdown" on student protest - similar moves are going on in Spain - the Duggan trial this week heard from a witness who swore he had been shot in cold blood and this sickening episode Join the police force - get away with murder.