CPE and labour contracts in France

Renault workers

This is a short overview of the CPE law, by Ni Patrie, Ni Frontier, serving as an introduction to the following articles focussing on the struggles that this law ignited.

What remains of the anti-CPE movement? Echanges et Mouvement

The anti-CPE struggle report - Theorie Communiste

28 March demonstration

We summarise a text by Theorie Communiste which focusses on the internal contradictions of the movement, how official representative organisations undermined grassroots initiative and puts the protests in context with the riots of suburban youth.

Occupation, not democracy! (Greek student leaflet, 2006)

Greek university occupation, Summer 2006

This is a short text then a copy of a leaflet by a group in Thessaloniki called Blaumachen, about the student movement opposed to education "reforms" in Greece around May and June 2006. Posted online on June 4th 2006, taken from Blaumachen's website.

Heavy sentences for four anti-CPE protestors

There were large numbers of arrests in the CPE struggle

France: On Friday 10 November four people were jailed for their role in the struggle against the employment law the CPE.

The French movement against the CPE, 2006

libcom.org’s brief summary of the mass movement which swept France in early 2006 against the further casualisation of labour which forced the government into a humiliating defeat.

Two weeks spent in Rennes

Anti-CPE protesters in Rennes.

A first-hand and in-depth account of events in Rennes - one of the most militant towns - by a participant in the anti-CPE movement.

Sorbonne re-occupied on first day back

On Monday, students re-entered the Sorbonne for the first day since it was occupied in March against the now-repealed employment law the CPE.

Behind the blockades

French workers and students fight riot police outside the Sorbonne, 14 March 2006

Visiting workers and students in France immediately following the government's withdrawal of the deeply unpopular CPE employment law, Ed Goddard looks at the potential for building a better society the struggle showed.

CPE replacement measures criticised - the protests must go on

French anarchists claim that CPE replacement measures merely "give tax breaks to employers but do not deal with workers' rights" and protest should continue.