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Russell Brand, revolution and pragmatism

Today Russell Brand has made the news as he openly calls for revolution. Many comrades have been quick to criticise his statements for vagueness, but does it really matter if his statements didn't go far enough?

My experience with the work programme so far

I was recently reffered onto the Work Programme by the Job Centre on very sketchy grounds. Yesterday I had my initial introductory group meeting with A4E called "About You" and here is my account of how it went and everything leading up to it.

What lies ahead

Another small update to tell people I'm still alive and what I have been up to.

We dont need no education: a short update

I have not blogged in ages and so I thought I would post a small update on whats been happening and what the future holds for this blog in light of some changes.

CCTV in the common room

Blog reporting on my schools introduction of CCTV cameras in the sixth form block.

Bias and nationalism

Just a quick post about a hilariously bias passage in my A level poltitics text book

South African human rights Day Assembly

Today has been a particurlarly shit day for me at school and in light of me being lazy about posting the update on Pro Share I thought I could do a small little post about our assembly today which was to do with aparthied because it is human rights day in South Africa today.

Results Day Request

This is only a short blog post but it covers a very important issue

Work experience

photograph by Rob Pinney

In light of the recent controversey about the Work Experience schemes that McDonalds has taken part in and workfare in general, I thought I would share the most interesting experience of the two Work Experience schemes I have been subjected to.

It's not all fun and games

Blog entry about capitalist business simulations including football team managing and sharedealing at the Croydonian anarchist's school and sixth form.

Statistics statistics statistics

As the title suggests, the role of statistics in school policy towards teachers and students is becoming ever more prominent. Of course schools have long since entered the realm of competition but recent events have reminded me of this.

Parliament Square

Not related to education but I felt compelled to get this off my chest.

Education and the nature of success

The first full blog post from Croydonian anarchist, describing (and critiquing) a talk recently put on by his school about being "successful".


Hey there. I am the Croydonian Anarchist. This blog will be focusing around any political goings on at my sixth form that I attend (I'm in the second year, and just about to turn 18) which I will be reporting on as they happen from a critical anarchist and/or anarchist communist perspective. I may also post about education issues in general. But before I start I thought I would include an article I did for Freedom newspaper a couple of months ago that talks about how I got into anarchism to give you a bit of background info about myself personally