Freedom newspaper copy dates - 2009

Freedom newspaper copy dates - 2009

Copy dates for the anarchist newspaper Freedom for next year - send submissions to freedomeds - puttheatsigninhere -

Issue no----Issue date (Saturday)-----Copy deadline

7001--------17th January---------------- 8th January
7002-------- 31st January--------------- 22nd January
7003-------- 14th February------------- 5th February
7004-------- 28th February------------- 19th February
7005-------- 14th March----------------- 5th March
7006-------- 28th March----------------- 19th March
7007-------- 11th April------------------- 2nd April
7008-------- 25th April------------------- 16th April
7009-------- 9th May--------------------- 30th April
7010-------- 23rd May------------------- 14th May
7011-------- 6th June-------------------- 28th May
7012-------- 20th June------------------ 11th June
7013-------- 4th July--------------------- 25th June
7014-------- 18th July------------------- 9th July
7015-------- 1st August---------------- 23rd July
7016-------- 29th August-------------- 20th August
7017-------- 12th September-------- 3rd September
7018-------- 26th September-------- 17th September
7019-------- 10th October------------ 1st October
7020-------- 24th October------------ 15th October
7021-------- 7th November----------- 29th October
7022-------- 21st November--------- 12th November
7023-------- 5th December---------- 26th November
7024-------- 19th December-------- 10th December

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