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Easy Money: The Reserve Bank of Australia and the tremors in capital accumulation

Image taken from page 257 of 'Backsheesh! or, Life and Adventures in the Orient.

The Reserve Bank of Australia's turn to unorthodox monetary policy is an attempt to keep credit and house prices high to delay the impact of the global crisis

On dissolving the people: Living the Dream on #ausvotes2016

This is the latest episode of Living the Dream - a podcast I participate in as part of the collective blog The Word From Struggle Street. Here we talk about the Federal Election result

#SandersofSthBrisbane ? Council elections, social movements & the #RighttotheCity

This is the latest episode of Living the Dream - a podcast I participate in as part of the collective blog The Word From Struggle Street. Here we talk about the local council election and the Right to The City and various challanges and contradictions around local movements and struggles,

On budget eve: deflation & the limits to privatised Keynesianism

Some thoughts on what the latest CPI stats say about capital accumulation in Australia...and class struggles.

Another Day in The Sun: The National Accounts, Growth and Malfunction

A look at the recent National Accounts and what is going on with capital accumulation in Australia

Australia you’re standing in it part 2: debt and social reproduction

An attempt to think through the connections between state debt, social reproduction and class struggle in Australia

Australia you're standing in it part 1: the pulse rate of accumulation

Part 1 of a series on the current conjuncture of capital accumulation and class struggle in Australia.

A Spoonful of Sugar: Childcare, Work and #Budget2015

An analysis of the changes to childcare and paid parental leave in the 2015 Australian Federal Budget

Not with a bang but a whimper: The end of the mining boom and the next budget

With the Federal Government's Plans pretty much stall what can we expect from the upcoming budget?

Building the infrastructure state: plans, anti-politics and sullen refusal

The text of my paper that I presented at Historical Materialism Australasia 2014. I haven’t had much time to generate much new research so this paper serves two roles: it is a summation of the argument made in Roads to Nowhere – Capital’s Plan A and it introduces a new problem. This problem is that despite an existing and clear strategy for stimulating capital accumulation, a plan shared by many of the thinkers and political forces of capital, the state has not been able to effectively realise it.

Roads to nowhere: capital's plan A (in Australia)

An analysis of capital's attempt to build a way out of the end of the mining boom via massive infrastructure construction

Contradictions of Accumulation in Australia

Incomes, Inequality and Class Composition - ( still a bit drafty)

A few notes on inequalities within the working class in Australia and its relationship to class composition and capital's 'deal'.

Notes for an understanding of class deals be they social democratic or otherwise

A few notes on the idea of class deals

Podcast of ‘Australia: The Lucky Country? Capitalism and its Discontents’from the Brisbane Free University

A podcast of a paper I presented at the Brisbane Free University.

No jobs and no workers? Strange contradictions of capital accumulation in Australia

An attempt to grasp what recent reports of both rising unemployment and a skills shortage means tells us about capital accumulation in Australia

Welfare changes and the critique of political economy

This piece is a critique of an argument around the welfare changes put forward by prominent Australian socialist blogger John Passant and suggests an alternative way to understand them

A new start? Welfare changes and the labour-power shortage

An attempt to understand the changes to welfare in Australia by looking at the impact of the labour-shortage caused by the mining boom.

Debt in the banana republic

An exploration of the reasons for austerity in Queensland, Australia and a critique of those arguments that would reduce the cause to one of 'ideology'.

With Sober Senses – A new research project

With Sober Senses is a new project in which I am trying to reorientate my research and writing towards mapping out the territory of capital accumulation with Australia, in a way I hope will reach a larger audience and may be useful for those trying to understand and change the society they live in and make up.