I'm striking on N30 because...

I'm striking on N30 because...

...the ruling class is attacking all of us, not just our pensions but our jobs, benefits, public services and communities. It's about time we fought back.

The unions are making this a pensions dispute, and the union tops will be looking for the first concession decent enough to be able to pull out and still call it a victory. But we all know it's about so much more than that. We know that this is the first blow in an all-out attack on the working class.

I'm striking because I want it to lead to more. Not another one-day strike in another few months. Not voting for Labour at the next elections. Not a few lousy concessions to the pension changes. I'm striking because I want this to be the starter gun in a wave of direct action.

Let's see more strikes, longer strikes, unofficial strikes, spreading in waves across the public and private sector. Let's see roads blockaded, buildings occupied, evictions resisted, and poiticians afraid to go out in public. Let's see every demonstration have an enormous turnout that the police and stewards can't control. Let's see the rank-and-file of the working class break the leash of bureaucrats, officials and would-be vanguards and start a fucking rebellion.

I'm striking on N30 because there is only one way to stop the cuts: as long as they're inevitable, make this country ungovernable.


Nov 19 2011 17:18

Belter poster - that's going up around my depot.

I've been asked advice indirectly from senior management about forming a team of scabs! I was dumbstruck but managed to reply that I'd be out and so would everyone else. (They're applying for exemptions from Unite to run a skeleton staff - anyone agreeing to be part of anything like this is still a scab imo)

Serge Forward
Nov 19 2011 17:34

Ace. Image duly nicked and up on the Leicester AF site laugh out loud

Nov 19 2011 19:12


Nov 20 2011 13:22

Anything happening in Athens that day? Thank you

Nov 21 2011 19:54

Our school's defo shut on the day, the head's confirmed (assuming NASUWT don't bail before then, though NUT seem committed). Funnily he said he supported the ac tion but wouldn't be out himself as his union isn't - I'm assuming he's ASCL then rather than NAHT... or maybe... MAYBE... he's *SHRIEK* ... VOICE!1!!1!1!!! wink