Italian war industry in recession times

Italian war industry in recession times

Italian firm Alenia Aermarchi agrees to produce war planes for the Israeli Army. Other producers refuse to engage in military production, economic crisis notwithstanding.

The Italian firm Alenia Aermarchi, which is controlled by the State industrial group Finmeccanica, announced that it will produce 30 new M346 war planes for the Israeli Army. The order was met with satisfaction from the Ministry of Defense. Furthermore, Parliamentary Representative Daniele Marantelli (Democratic Party) defined the agreement as a “new hope for those who believe in the value of work and technological innovation”.
It is worth noting, however, that not all firms are yielding to the threat of the economic crisis: only a few days ago, on July 18, Valerio Morellato, the 32-year old engineer who heads the Tuscan firms “Morellato Energia” and “Morellato Termotecnica”, refused a construction order from the firm Waas (which is also controlled by Finmeccanica) because of its military destination. In a public statement, Morellato acknowledged that it was not an easy decision; however, the entire group decided not to engage in the production in order to remain consistent with their pacifist and environmentalist values.

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