Ivysyn's blog

The Crash Landing In Afghanistan

article I wrote on my blog about American exit from Afghanistan

Cuban Protests and The Two-Step Strategy

article I wrote about the Cuban protests on my blog when it was in the news

Successful Revolutions?

Critique of the fetish for "success" by online Stalinists.

White Nationalists Run On The Capitol: Implications For Trump and Protest Movements In The US

quick analysis of the capitol riot

Chomsky Promoting Bumper Sticker History

Chomsky uses misconceptions about the history of German radicalism to argue for lesser evil voting.

LEViathan and The Strategic Value of Voting

Anarchist Centralism?

A response to a C4ss article arguing for Anarchist centralism.

Racist Murder In America And The Bifurcation Of The Modern World System

Analysis of racism as a division of labor upholding the capitalist world system and recent uprisings against police brutality as evidence of that world system's terminal crises.


First entry into a series of blogs where I address bad political arguments I have heard from others.

On The Understanding of Authority

The second article I wrote about Engels' essay. It takes a new approach to the topic.

Some Reasons To Not Necessarily Care About Election Cycles

Has Communism Actually Always Failed?

It's often said that communism "has always failed", but is this argument historically accurate?

The Collapse of Corbynism

Analysis of Labour's 2020 defeat.

The Pretension of "Class Consciousness"

A critique of "class consciousness" from an anti-Leninist perspective.

Voting As "Harm Reduction"?

criticizing the vote as a strategy of "harm reduction"

The Pink Tide Turns Black: The failure of the two step strategy in Bolivia

Analysis of the Fascist coup in Bolivia as the result of the failure of pink tide governments to bring change.

In Defense of A/S: Centralism and Decentralism

discussing the Anarcho-syndicalist approach to centralism

Fascism and Black metal

Analysis of Fascist presence in black metal scenes in how to resist it.

Against Britain and Europe: The false choice of Brexit

Analysis of Brexit from an Anarcho-syndicalist, World Systems Analysis perspective arguing that both the EU and the British state must be opposed.

Imperialism: The Highest (or lowest) Stage of Leninist Theory

critical analysis of Lenin's theory of imperialism