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London student rent strike campaign forces £500,000 in concessions from university

UCL Cut the Rent

All demands by the UCL Cut the Rent campaign have been met by the Central London university after a sustained campaign focussed on "tactics of disruptive protest, direct action and rent striking". The campaign will now escalate to demand rent cuts cross the campus.

American anti-union propaganda for Walmart protests

An organisation which is apparently “dedicated to exposing Big Labor’s abuse of the worker center organizational model” has released this video in anticipation of protests against Walmart.

A history of radical green spaces in East London

An emerging radical history of open spaces in Hackney is being put together by Hackney History.

Boat Race protestor to be deported

Trenton Oldfield

So called 'boat race' protestor Trenton Oldfield has recieved notice that he is to be deported and is now appealing.

Launch of massive archive of English folk music and custom

Of interest to anyone with an interest in social history the English Folk Dance and Song Society have launched their online archive.

Whiskers of discontent - Turkish stray dogs in the recent uprising

A stray dog in Turkey wears a sign of protest

Just a few of the photos flying around of the streets dogs in Turkey and their recent reaction to events there.

Istanbul Taksim Gezi Park is not about trees

 Istanbul Taksim Gezi Park #occupygezi

Istanbul's central area of Taksim is currently the scene of a fledging 'occupy movement' as people react to this morning's 5am teargassing of protestors opposed to unchecked gentrification in the historic city.


A jug commemorating the Peterloo Massacre

Since I visited the Marx Memorial Library in Clerkenwell I have been harbouring an interest in porcelain, pots, ceramics and such folk, craft, popular art objects which commemorate radical moments in history.

Urban renewal in Barcelona

Resisting "urban renewal" in Barcelona in the context of larger economic struggle

The Marx Memorial Library

A short visit to the Library.

Design As Politics

Design As Politics

New online publication of opinion pieces originally published in UK Building Design magazine from Dutch Design As Politics.

HMV worker takes over official Twitter during sackings

HMV official Twitter turned against itself.

The Past, Present and Future of Radical Pamphleteering, 6/2/13, London

In the age of the internet, does the printed pamphlet have any kind of future? With self-publishing so easy online, could the pamphlet soon be obsolete? With a short talk on some of the history of the pamphlet, and an open discussion on where it's going...

Today in architecture: Knock down towers, build streets

Unite d'habitation, Firminy, France

So long for Le Corbusier's famous streets in the sky!