Follow up on striking firefighters

Follow up on striking firefighters

Five firemen are currently on trial accused of "violence against police agents with the use of or menace of a projectile weapon". There has been a demonstration of support by other firefighters. The clashes occured last November. 30 CRS were reported injured after they attempted to break up a demonstration by striking firefighters. The prosecution has called for custodial sentences for the five men, all of whom deny the charges. The Officers on whose behalf the prosecution has been brought failed to positively identify any of the men on trial as having directly injured them. The CRS commander has admitted that due to the crowd they could not arrest "whoever we wanted".

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jef costello
Jan 31 2007 21:21


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Feb 5 2007 14:00

ooh cheers for the update jef!

Joseph Kay
Feb 5 2007 14:04

yeah cheers jef, so presumably france doesn't have the kind of catch-all public order offences we do if they're charging them with specific acts but can't identify individuals?