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Inside and against the university

3Cosas won concessions with a 2 day strike - and announced a 3 day one

With recent strikes, occupations, and violent repression, the university is becoming a battleground. What does this mean for university staff and students?

Decent wages and decent capitalism?

Decent wages and decent capitalism?

Ha-Joon Chang argues that higher wages are good for workers and businesses alike. He's wrong.

Capital can't be reasoned with - the importance of affective politics

Students block police from intervening in a demonstration

When we limit ourselves to reasoned critique we cut ourselves off from the everyday experiences of life under capitalism from which any revolutionary rupture must grow.

In lieu of a blog - tweets on parliamentarism and left- Keynesian mythology

John Maynard Keynes

Some tweets on left parliamentary aspirations and Keynesian welfare state mythology.

Dawkins and liberal racism

Dawkins and liberal racism

Some quick comments on the latest 'shit Dawkins says on Twitter' row.

Stop laughing at the English Defence League

Stop laughing at the English Defence League

Three reasons why laughing at the EDL is counter-productive, and what we should do instead.

Low cost pragmatic storage solutions for the surplus population

Low cost pragmatic storage solutions for the surplus population

A follow-up to my blog on the 'housing shortage', originally posted as an overly-long facebook status and reposted here now that the scheme to house people in shipping containers has been approved.

Communism and free education

'Omnia sunt communia'

A short blog inspired by a long banner.

Wrong to work! Two perspectives on the abolition of work

Wrong to work! Two perspectives on the abolition of work

ALL MUST WORK! declares the cabinet of millionaires. 'Workers not shirkers!', they implore. 'Strivers not skivers!' The divide-and-rule rhetoric trying to pit those in work against those without is as relentless as it is transparent. But what's so good about work anyway?

There is no housing shortage

There is no housing shortage

The Guardian today reports a rise in homelessness. This is a predictable (and predicted) consequence of benefits cuts, but it has nothing to do with a shortage of homes.

Green capitalism, an appendix

Bye bye ice caps?

Some further thoughts on capitalism and climate change.

20 theses on workfare

Wrong to work cat

Blog post in which I pass off 140-character bursts from Twitter as enigmatic libertarian communist analysis.

Workers of the world unite! - Some notes on class unity and identity politics

There's been several articles posted lately critical of identity politics from a class struggle perspective. This blog addresses some of the pitfalls of the class unity v identity politics debate.

Why can’t anybody say ‘depression’?

Image from The Guardian, interactive version here:

This is a short blog inspired by the news that the UK is officially in ‘double-dip’ recession (as predicted by pretty much everyone on the left).

Bodies as a site of class struggle?

The front page of the Brighton Argus, Sat 24 March 2012

This is a short blog prompted by recent events in Brighton, as well as wider discussions I’ve been having about the (possible) relationship of austerity to gendered violence and oppression.

The new social workhouse? Workfare, the labour market, prison

Human resources. Image by Arts Against Cuts.

Workfare isn’t just an austerity measure, it’s part of a longer term restructuring of the labour market. That makes it all the more important to kill it while we still can.

Thoughts on David Graeber’s ‘Debt: the first 5,000 years’

I finally finished this book after reading it on and off for months. First, I'll say this is a very unsettling book. By this, I mean it makes you think again about things you thought you knew already, and can't be easily assimilated into an existing worldview. For that reason alone, it's worth reading.

Climate change and capitalist growth

Does the failure to reach an agreement to keep global temperature rises below 2 degrees celsius prove that capitalism has no answer to man-made climate change?

Witch-hunts and the transition to capitalism?

I remember when I first Silvia Federici's Caliban and the Witch I liked its synthesis of autonomist Marxist emphasis on class struggle and Foucauldian 'politics of the body', situating the womens struggles as a site of class conflict. But I also had some nagging doubts about elements of the historical narrative.

Wages go negative: graduate pays for internship

The news that graduates are now paying to work for free just adds to the feeling that something has to give.