Libcom library archiving to do list

Libcom library archiving to do list

An updated list of documents and websites we would like to archive in our library.

Here are a list of links to websites and articles which we would like duplicated in our library.

This is to help ensure that as many people as possible read them, and also to ensure that the documents stay online, in case other websites disappear - as has happened to so many other radical sites in the past couple of years.

We would appreciate any help from our users in copying this stuff across. If people would like to help but don't have the technical know-how - not to worry, we can help you! Just ask in the comment section below.

Higher priority
we would like pretty much all of the content on the following links duplicated on - articles from the journal are already all on libcom but we would like all of the supplemental materials - some of these are currently hosted externally so it would be good to get them all on libcom - any of the good historical texts here would be great - break their haughty power - Australian radical history site, would be good to get all the history stuff - it would be great to get all of these individual issues up in our incomplete archive which is here: - would be good to get this archive in the library Would be great to get the rest of these in our red Menace archive here: - Mother Earth - anything here by Solidarity would be great - We have most of this but there are one or two texts we still don't have which would be good - the English stuff here would be the priority, but the foreign-language stuff would be good as well - having these file attachments added to the library as individual articles would be great - about youth groups in the Spanish revolution

Lower priority
The following websites contain some useful texts. We would like any decent, relevant ones which we do not host already to be copied into our library, but the higher priority ones above are preferred for the time being. - we have most of this already but anything missing would be good - any John Dos Passos novels with radical content/themes would be good, some here - any decent publications from these ones online would be great duplicated on libcom - this text would be good

New content
The following websites are active and continually having new content posted. As such, duplicating content from them is not as high a priority, however we would still like to duplicate new additions or older articles from these websites as they come out eventually: Gurgaon workers news

These sites are currently being copied over. However, help with them would still be appreciated. Post in the comments below for more information

Here are the websites and articles which we have moved over so far: -autopsy texts organised labour in Brazil - by libcom Cuban revolution-a critical perspective - by libcom - Asian anarchism - by Spartacus,, - by libcom - subversion
collective action notes
Friends of Durruti - - DONE
Vanzetti - - books for burning - post-political politics - Spectacular Times - done by Reddebrek - Radical America - done by Reddebrek

If you would like to help out, please say in the comments below. Also, if you do help copy any of this stuff over, please let us know by posting below. We will keep this original post updated as we move forwards with the archiving.

If anyone spots any other websites they think we should copy, please let us know about them below.

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Jan 15 2011 19:10


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Jun 25 2011 18:58

Ace. Good luck!

Jul 28 2011 10:23

Subversion is now finished - everything I can find online is now up.

I have a paper copy of the final issue, courtesy of spiky Mike which I hope to put up shortly.

If anyone knows of anything else online anywhere which I had missed, please do post it up or post a link here so someone else can.

Oct 15 2011 18:16
Jan 28 2012 14:06

bump, updated

Feb 15 2012 09:16 - Spectacular Times - these would be great in the library, albeit bundled as separate PDF documents rather than with individual images for each page DONE

May 23 2012 17:17
Juan Conatz
May 23 2012 23:07
Steven. wrote:

The majority of what's on there seems to already be on the website, but yeah, worth putting the rest in, too.

May 27 2012 06:39

the zerowork stuff is in the library now.

May 27 2012 06:39

Also the autonomia: post political politics book is in the library in PDF form here -

so is Negri's Books for Burning, here -

All the stuff from here " -autopsy texts" is in the library except for this piece -- Franco Barchiesi, Flexibility in Manufacturing -- Organization and Subjectivity

I can put that one up later

can someone update the original post please?

Juan Conatz
May 27 2012 06:41

YES. One less thing on my list.

Updated the blogpost.

Also, I'm slowly going through the Radical America. I went through all the PDF's and wrote down the titles of some of the more relevent material and am using a free (and not terribly great) OCR program to convert them into text, then reformating and putting them in the library.

One thing on putting stuff in the library, Nate...I don't know how hugely important it is to the libcom folks, but I usually do some additional formatting to the articles I post such as bold headers of article section titles, italicizing foreign language words/book titles and adding the hyperlinked footnotes or whatever you call it1.

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May 27 2012 06:53

Juan, yeah, my thought was put them in now and format better later. If that's not kosher then I'll stop doing them that way. I need to re-read the style guide because I can never remeber how to do the damn footnotes.

Awesome about you doing Radical America and in such a detailed way, that's a great resource.

Two more suggestions for the archive list -
STO's not really a libertarian communist group (though probly no less so than any of the Italian operaismo people in the 70s were) but they're of interest at least to US-based libertarian communists.

BF is a big part of how the Italian stuff came into English in the first place, in addition to the political work they got up to. I also think that with both the STO site and the BF site it's useful to have materials on groups that are about the size of a lot of our groups today, to compare with.

May 27 2012 12:56

Amazing, thanks guys!

yeah Nate Juan is right we do prefer the basic formatting at least - i.e. bold headers. Italicised foreign words/journal names I would say don't worry about, but for emphasis we would like to keep. Footnotes would be great, but [1] etc style footnotes are alright. Because even though we may intend to go back and tidy things up later we probably won't get round to it, and some of the original formatting may be lost and it may not be clear how it is supposed to be.

But again thanks so much to you two!

May 27 2012 17:10

Sure thing Steven. I'm dumber when it's late at night, I should of known this in the first place. I'll go back over those pieces and fix them. I'm also gonna make an effort to put more stuff in the library like this. It's a great resource and building it further is cool, and that's a better use of my time than most of what I do. smile

May 27 2012 19:31

Brilliant, thank you! I haven't got much time at the moment to be adding/formatting stuff so we really appreciate any help

May 27 2012 23:28

formatting on those posts fixed.
Can you remove this one from the original post please?
" -autopsy texts"

That stuff's already in the library.

I'll start doing Break Their Haughty Power next.

May 28 2012 18:04

Amazing, thanks! I will remove that one now

Nov 14 2012 19:54

Parts one and two of this: DONE

this rewritten to be combined with the obituary posted on the libcom forums:

Nov 14 2012 23:27

In Birchall's SW obit it says Alan Woodward wrote extensively, does anyone know if his stuff is online anywhere?

Nov 14 2012 23:58

I think we've only got one article by him, more would be appreciated:

Nov 19 2012 23:24
Nov 21 2012 10:50

And this, albeit with a disclaimer that we don't agree with the politics of the authors: DONE thanks wojtek

Nov 21 2012 10:51

Inefficiency of capitalism: DONE

Dec 6 2012 23:20
Dec 8 2012 16:26

History of Québec student movement: DONE

Dec 17 2012 20:47

I'm working on the spectacular times pdf's, it'll take me awhile,

Here's what I got done so far,

Dec 26 2012 13:05
Rob Ray
Feb 20 2013 23:18

NB// Sparrow's Nest and the 1in12 are both building up fair-sized archives atm - might be worth seeing if they're up for mirroring...

Mar 17 2013 15:06

Bump, because I have gone through this and marked everything which is now complete as DONE. Help posting up the other stuff would still be appreciated! If you don't know how don't worry, we can help you, just let us know

Apr 22 2013 12:34

The final five chapters of this book could really do with being converted into text format like the first five…