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We make small improvements to libcom all the time and thought it would be useful to list them all in one handy blog entry.

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Aug 29 2012 15:48


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Aug 29 2012 16:08

I am unaccountably aroused by that jpg.

Aug 29 2012 16:12

- Default article input format changed to enable block quote and footnote functions to work without admin approval
- bloggers and contributors now have the ability to approve their own revisions to articles after editing them
- twitter sharing module now puts in the name of the article, and @libcomorg in it, as well as a link
- user blogs now have a block on the right-hand side of the page showing the three most recent blog entries (not including the one which is currently open)

Jun 14 2013 22:31

- Paging on tag indexes now fixed after having been broken for a long time
- Reddit social sharing button added to articles

Aug 13 2013 10:30

- Input formats rationalised, enabling more users to edit more content
- twitter @usernames enabled in articles and comments which automatically link to twitter profiles

Mar 13 2014 23:34

Since the beginning of this year we have done the following:
- Server upgrade, increasing speed and massively reducing downtime
- login page is now secure SSL
- improved social sharing of libcom articles on twitter: try it out! Sharing a link shows an intro widget with image
- Improved social sharing of libcom articles on Facebook: they should be formatted better and use a more appropriate picture and description