Living The Dream after the UK General Election

Living The Dream after the UK General Election

Latest episode of the Living The Dream podcast from The Word From Struggle Street - an anticapitalist blog from Brisbane.

In this episode of Living The Dream Dave (@withsobersenses) talks with Craig Gent from Novara Media. We talk about the recent UK General Election and the surprisingly good result Labour under Jeremy Corbyn received. Craig tells us about how Novara have chosen to relate to Corybn and elections, the contradictions of social democracy and what the election may or may not mean for larger anticapitalist practice.

These contradictions are represented artistically by starting the show with a sample of Corbyn reading Shelley and finishing with a classic  80s anti-parliamentary anarchist banger by Chumbawamba – representing the wide gamut of UK radicalism in verse and song ( a bit).

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Articles we mention include:

4 Reasons Working-Class Radicals Should Vote Labour on 7 May

Where We Go From Here – Richard Seymour

12 Reasons to Vote Green in this General Election

5 Reasons Why I Won’t Vote in #GE2015

Global Economic Prospects: A Fragile Recovery – World Bank

These Rebel MPs Are Planning a War with Labour Austerity

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With Sober Senses
Jun 20 2017 12:20


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Jun 20 2017 15:19

Never expect much useful from Novara Media on the UK Labour Party and elections!

Jul 3 2017 20:14

It was a bit lame.

S. Artesian
Jul 3 2017 21:32
Jul 4 2017 18:33

A nice short text S. Artesian. I like it.

S. Artesian
Jul 4 2017 20:18

Thank you very much. I was going, and still might, go through the manifesto, and take it apart point by point-- but I came across this line in it-- "Labour is the party of small business"-- and figured nothing I could write could match that.

Sep 23 2018 09:48

Craig Gent was once a member of the AF.
Interesting how some anarchists have embraced the farce of Corbynism.