Militant Anti-Fascists in Bolton

 Militant Anti-Fascists in Bolton

Fifty militant anti-fascists from Liverpool, and several others from around the UK travel to Bolton to confront fascists. We had a hard job finding them!

Today, fifty anti-fascists from Liverpool travelled to Bolton to counter the Infidels of Britain demonstration. We were joined by comrades from Sheffield, Brighton, Manchester, and the Solent.

We stopped around a mile outside of the city and made our way into the centre. As we arrived we witnessed the hilarious site of the Combined Ex Forces (all ten of them) jumping out of a mini bus as if on military manoeuvres, all wearing shell suits and berets.

We watched them thinking they would be walking to a meeting point, but no, they decided to tray and intimidate stall holders at the continental market that was in town.

Not wanting to join up with the UAF static demo we moved around the backstreets of Bolton looking for Fascists, but to little or no avail. When we found the static demonstration it became clear why we had not seen many fascists. It was because there were less than twenty of them.

We were aware that the Infidels were conducting flash demonstrations in Hyde, Stockport, and Oldham at the same time, but even taking that into account their turnout was pathetic.

As the fascists decided to leave town under a heavy police escort, the UAF crowd decided to march in the opposite direction. We attempted to pursue the fascists, but were thwarted by a massive and hostile police presence that prevented us from following them. By the time we managed to get to the train station via a backstreet, it was clear that they had left town.

At this point we received news that some of the local Asian community had several fascists kettled in a pub.

As we attempted to re-enter the town centre we were aggressively kettled by upwards of one hundred police officers. One comrade required treatment from paramedics for a head injury after being kicked by an officer, and another comrade was strangled by two officers and arrested (later released without charge).

After an hour in the kettle we was released and directed back to our coach. We encountered a couple of boneheads who accused us of being ‘traitors to our forefathers’. They were both subsequently arrested and dragged off.

All things considered it was a good day. It was a fantastic turnout of fifty militant anti-fascists from Liverpool, and many others from around the country. We looked all over Bolton for the fascists but they were not to be seen.

Their turnout was absolutely pathetic and as quiet as I have ever seen a far-right group. A dejected looking rag tag bunch of twenty goons made up of recognised BNP figures, several Combined Ex Forces, and a handful of Infidels.

The Infidels claim they now control the streets. They didn’t today! We looked on every street in Bolton for them. All they controlled was a small pre-determined protest point, and a couple of token flash demonstrations in other towns.

At least they improved on their showing in Brighton last week.

Thanks to all those that travelled from around the country it was much appreciated.

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Nazi trolls fuck off before you start!

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Good work Comrades, you're right in the thick of it up there, keep up the momentum!