Monson scores win over Emelianenko

Monson scores win over Emelianenko

Anarchist MMA fighter scores his biggest win in recent years over Alexander Emelianenko tonight.

For any MMA fans interested, Jeff Monson defeated Alexander Emelianenko tonight in St.Petersburg, Russia. Alexander is the brother of Fedor, who defeated Monson this time last year.

The fight video is available at this page.

This is Monson's 47th win in his pro career and his biggest in the last few years.

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Nov 16 2012 00:02


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Nov 16 2012 07:36

Monson must really need the cash if he was willing to fight a guy widely believed to have hepatitis.

Nov 16 2012 00:29

Haha I hadnt heard that rumour!

Nov 16 2012 07:35

From Aleks wikipedia entry:

Emelianenko was signed to make his United States debut at Affliction: Banned on July 19, 2008. But at the weigh-ins for the event, it was announced that Emelianenko was unable to meet the licensing standards of the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC). Emelianenko was replaced by Gary Goodridge.

Emelianenko denied the rumors about a positive test for Hepatitis B, commenting that he was unable to compete because he was late for his medicals, arriving two days after the scheduled date for his medicals with the CSAC due to visa issues. Due to the health and privacy rules in California, the CSAC was not allowed to comment why Emelianenko was denied a license, but a member of the CSAC commented on a radio show that Emelianenko was not and would not be cleared in California, and that this would stand for all of the United States of America.

Nov 16 2012 07:47

Podcast interview this week with Monson about his 4 fights in 17 days and a possible fighters union again.

Nov 17 2012 21:54

Huh, can't believe no one mentioned that the Emelianenko brothers have been acused of being far-right fascists a ton of times. In fact, I heard there was more evidence for Alexander being a neo-nazi than Fedor.

Technically speaking, can we chalk this one up as yet another victory for the Antifash?

Nov 17 2012 23:50

Yeah I'd heard the Alexander fash links before but don't know what the substance was.

Nov 24 2012 11:57