Monson wins in Russia, signs new fight deal

Monson wins in Russia, signs new fight deal

Anarchist MMA fighter Jeff Monson chalks up another win in St Petersburg, and signs contract with Super Fight League.

Monson secured his 46th MMA win at Russian promotion M1's event in St Petersburg last week with a first round submission win over Denis Komkin (video). To form, Monson finished Komkin with his trademark 'north-south choke'. Jeff is now unbeaten in his last four fights, all in the last three months, after his recovery from a broken leg following his November fight with Fedor Emelianenko (who retired after this recent M1 event).

Less than a week after his latest win, 41 year old Monson has now signed-up for four fights with Indian MMA promotion Super Fight League.

Monson is the patron of Black Rose MMA, a London 'mixed-martial arts co-operative' run out of LARC in Whitechapel. Monson had been scheduled for two UK visits since March, in which he had planned to meet with UK anarchists, anti-fascists and other activists but was hit with flight problems that halted his visits. Hopefully he'll have better luck in August when he's scheduled to fight in the UK again!

Monson's fights since Fedor defeat:
June 21 v Denis Komkin W
May 18 v Jim York W
May 11 v Chaban Ka D
March 16 v Alexey Oleinik W

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Jun 26 2012 19:07


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Jun 28 2012 19:26

Monson's been confirmed to fight another ex-UFC fighter in September, Todd Duffee, might actually be a decent fight.

Jun 28 2012 20:13

Didn't Duffee get fucked by the UFC after getting hyped as the great young hope of the heavyweight division?

Jun 28 2012 23:37

He got cut after being KO'd in the last minute or so of a fight he was overwhelmingly dominating by virtually the only punch thrown by the man with the worst body in the UFC, Mike Russow. Must have been something else too because fighters rarely get cut for a single loss.

Jun 29 2012 01:47

the above video kept hanging for me. found this one too:

Jun 29 2012 22:23

Oh cheers for posting an alternate link, the one above works for me but it's useful to have a backup!

I think the Duffee fight will be a decent fight. He's not a nobody who Monson will take down, and north-south choke in 90 seconds.