New feature: Vote comments up/down

New feature: Vote comments up/down

As part of our ongoing redesign we've added a new feature: the ability for logged-in users to vote comments up and down.

At the moment, all this does is display the number of up and down votes under the comment. This follows feedback from users that many people lurk but don't post. This means people often find a post useful or informative, but don't have a quick and easy way to show their appreciation. In this sense, an 'up' is analogous to a Facebook 'like'. Ups will also help admins spot useful links or additional info to edit into news articles, as we'll be making more effort to convert breaking news threads in the forums into news articles for the newswire.

On the other hand, people may find a comment unhelpful or rude, without it necessarily meriting being reported for breaching the site rules, and this gives a quick way for people to express that without getting into an argument about it (as ups/downs are anonymous).

For now we want to try this out and see how people use it and see how well it works. In the future, it will make various things possible, though we haven't decided what to do with it yet. We would be able to create blocks of 'most popular comments' as well as most recent e.g. in the side bar of forums or blogs. This would help stop valuable contributions disappearing so quickly.

We might also be able to auto-collapse posts that receive X number of down votes with a link to display them (a bit like YouTube does), or even to auto-unpublish such posts. We'd need to set the thresholds right for this to be useful though and to prevent abuse. We could also potentially do things like colour code comments according to which have been most/least popular and things like that too.

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Feb 26 2012 18:50


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Apr 13 2012 16:19

and THAT gets an up, hey, the 'wisdom of crowds'

S. Artesian
Apr 13 2012 16:21

I expect people to take "it"-- the objection-- just as seriously as you take the "like/dislike" applause-o-meter.

"Choose the next American Idol, vote for your favorite Dancing with the Stars couple, select the funniest home video-- all from the comfort of your couch."

Selling popcorn with that, are you?

Apr 13 2012 19:38

For some reason this chorus reminds me that I haven't seen Brian Sewell doing his thing on TV for a few years. Whatever happened to him?

Apr 13 2012 22:00
Choccy wrote:
and THAT gets an up, hey, the 'wisdom of crowds'

Face it pal you are as unpopular as fuck wink

Apr 13 2012 22:11

I love how Revol's empirical demonstration of the pointlessness of this faceless measure gets 6 downs but 'as if that kind of crap deserves a response' gets a stack of ups.

And Artesian actually has a point, however crude.

Apr 13 2012 22:15

^ you abuse the term empirical

jef costello
Apr 14 2012 00:09

It's quite fun to watch, but meaningless all the same. Quite amusing on the what about the black vaginas thread that while 11 people consistently voted down choccy and revol only 9 of them voted up the admins.
I still don't really think it's worth it, even though it hasn't really been maliciously used yet I don't think.
In terms of wanting to acknowledge good posts we could have something like the thanks or repping on other sites but obviously different enough not to be shit.
Maybe put a little black and red star at the bottom of the post for each person that likes it and if you hover over it it says who...
And a picture of a boot stamping on a human face for eternity if we have a dislike function.

Noah Fence
Jun 17 2016 20:31

Life is great! I've started collecting down votes without even trying! Thanks guys. Especially appreciated are the down votes for totally innocuous posts which couldn't possibly offend anyone apart from those are simply offended by me posting at all. You guys are aces, you know that?

Jun 17 2016 21:05

If it was the down vote for the Crass song you posted Noah, that was me. Sorry mate, it was the first down vote I've allowed myself to cast. I've seen things I disagreed with far more but that song was aggravating my head. The video was good and the song did raise a chuckle (not the band's intention). I liked the fact you criticised the then fashionable anti-Americanism. I love the sayings of 'Jesus' and the writings of Marx so I didn't understand what their problem was with those two fellows. I mean 35 years after the death of Jesus the capital city went up in flames and the two events were somewhat connected. As for Marx, he suffered as much as the rest of us proles, so why give him a hard time when he's happily ensconced in his grave. As for the rest of the down votes, if there were any, you got to know, this site is mostly inhabited by leftists anyway so who cares. All the best and when Ive got my head round my inherent shyness we'll meet up and munch momos and light up the chalice if that's your bag. I certainly love it.

Noah Fence
Jun 17 2016 22:31

Lol, you misunderstand me comrade. I love down votes! I've been mining for them forever. My post here is quite serious. Not giving a shit is my hobby. Keep on voting me down baby! Go on, you know you want to!

Schmoopie, I've just realised that you didn't down vote me, damn your eyes! It was the Cactus post the you gave the finest reward Libcom has to offer.
Also, it's a complete fallacy that Crass were humourless and very serious - they were consistently funny(on purpose).

Jun 17 2016 22:41
Also, it's a complete fallacy that Crass were humourless and very serious - they were consistently funny(on purpose).

I am happy to here it. They really were quite an influence on me, giving me a little start on the road to rebellion – against family values, against the religious indoctrination at school, and against normality in general. I did give you a down vote but I removed it after writing the above. Nothing is set in stone, except the commandments of God given to Moses, and they are carefully stowed away in the church at Axum...

Jun 17 2016 22:42

Night night