Old public guidance clips

Old public guidance clips

A host of old public servic announcements detailing everything from the Do & Don'ts of Dating, Going Steady, and how to avoid being a drop-out.
EduKaTe yur Branes!1!!1!!

Everyone's seen those amazing 1950 public information broadcast clips, like Duck and Cover (how to survive a nuclear attack) - the kind that were parodied by Harry Enfield in the early 90s.

What about prejudice?
They was meen to him cus he wuz a diffrunt

Office Etiquette
Remember - you are lucky to have a job, so be extra nice to your boss, and wear a nice suit!
ps - make sure to do lots of unpaid overtime at home, don't think you can 'learn your job' on the company's dime!

Going Steady?
'there are disadvantages to going steady'

There are one's that are much less funny
'the child molestor' - does what it says on the tin
- actually for the first 19mins this is standard fair, but it's really shocking and grim at the end

Lots more here

Actually they're all shit, fuck the olden days!

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