Outreach for June 30th

Outreach for June 30th

I thought it might be an idea to put some of the work the various anarchist groups have been doing in one place so anyone looking for literature to put out can use it. Attached is a quick booklet I've collated of designs and text from SolFed members.

I've taken the various logos we use off it, on the grounds some of y'all might not want to be advertising SF and just want some literature.

On which note, anyone know of other good stuff knocking around? Anyone want to make some? One of the things SF's been finding is that we're desperately short of a proper graphics collective, so it'd be good to kick off something along those lines as a conversation an all...

June 30th strike posters (no logos).pdf1.1 MB


Joseph Kay
Jun 5 2011 23:56

SolFed's Publicity Commission should be printing 1,000+ of the last design in there as A3 posters, without any SolFed branding and available to other groups at cost + postage (should be roughtly £5 + P&P for 100). Email brighton[AT]solfed.org.uk if you want some!

Jun 8 2011 08:55

If I were you I would have left on the branding, you could have just put it in really small somewhere, because of anything people who see the may want to know where they could find out more information, or get in touch with the people who made it. Never mind for this time, but a thought for the future…

Joseph Kay
Jun 8 2011 10:22

On branding, we decided against it in this instance as the economies of scale kick in at 1,000+, and the timescale is fixed since after J30 they'll be obsolete. So we figured as one of the few groups able to do this, we should make it something for any and all anarchists/libertarian communists/etc to distro, passed on at cost sharing the economy of scale.

Generally though i agree - if someone likes what they see it makes sense to give them a link for more info. But in this case we were worried people would feel they were being duped into promoting SolFed, so we kept our name off the big run of posters to focus on the strike and maximise distro.

Rob Ray
Jun 8 2011 11:08

Yeah I was thinking in a similar way when I compiled the rest of them, offering a bit of help without an agenda, basically.