Political activist in coma after fascist violence in Cremona, Italy

Political activist in coma after fascist violence in Cremona, Italy

On Sunday 28 January, around 6pm, a group of about 50 fascists (mostly from CasaPound) attacked activists from Cremona’s Dordoni social centre. The attack on seven or eight activists was launched by around ten people, and very soon bolstered by 40 more.

Emilio, one of the activists and someone very well known in Cremona, was beaten with a bar and then kicked in the face and head as he was lying on the ground.

The attack appears to have been prepared in advance, taking advantage of a football match to bring together fascists from Parma, Brescia and other towns with those from Cremona. Emilio is now in a very serious condition and his life is in danger. Dordoni’s activists have made a complaint that the fascists were merely identified by the police and then released but that the activists who were defending Dordoni were charged.

Anti-fascists from Cremona and from all over Italy have called for a national anti-fascist demonstration in Cremona on 24 January, and for solidarity demonstrations in many different cities.

This episode is not isolated: there have been many different attacks led by CasaPound or other far-right movements over the last few months. In September, in Naples, for example, a high school student was beaten by some far-right individuals because he was wearing an anti-fascist t-shirt. In Rome, in November, a group of far-right militants used bars and sticks to attack supporters of Ardita San Paolo football team.

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Jan 20 2015 16:46


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Jan 22 2015 08:09

As an update on the guy in a come, he woke up a couple of days ago and was able to answer a couple of questions. The tweet below is the most up-to-date one I've seen so far though:

Jan 22 2015 08:13

Apparently two people claiming to be from the social centre that Emilio was part of tried to enter the ward where Emilio is staying.. the social centre people said no one from their group tried to enter so there is confusion and concern as to who it was trying to gain access (and why)..

There are also demonstrations planned for this Saturday in Cremona..

Jan 22 2015 23:43

As if the situation couldn't get any more fucked, three activists from CSA Dordoni (the social centre that was attacked) who were injured in the attack are now being investigated for aggravated assault..

Not been able to find any more updates on how the guy in a coma is doing..