Royal gangsters strike again

Royal gangsters strike again

As Prince Philip gives us his less than favourable views on wind farms, he forgets to mention that he trousers a fortune from renting out the 'sea bed' to build them on.

Prince Philip, a man who is famous for being thick as ‘pig shit’ has offered us another pearl of his infinite wisdom. He has labelled wind farms as ‘absolutely useless’. He believes that they are totally reliant on subsidies and will never work.

His comments were praised by Lord Lawson. He said that Philip was ‘spot on’, and ‘speaking for ordinary people in fuel poverty’. Yes, of course he is!

Knob head made the remarks at a function for rich bastards after the director of a wind turbine company suggested that he could put some turbines on the Royal estate.

Prince Philip told the man to ‘stay away from his property’, and asked whether he believed in fairy tales, because wind turbines do not work’. He went on to say that the fact that they rely on subsidies is a disgrace. Have you heard of the Royal family Philip?

I am no expert on wind power whatsoever, and will not comment on the validity of his remarks. However, what sticks in my throat is the bare faced hypocrisy of the scumbag. Whilst he claims they cost too much, the public have to subsidise them, and they don’t work, he fails to mention his links to the industry.

The sea bed, where the vast majority of the turbines are located are owned by the Royal family. One of the reasons why the cost needs to be subsidised is because the Queen trousers around £40 million a year from allowing them to be built. Perhaps they would be more cost effective if we didn’t have to pay the parasites the privilege to build them in the sea.

Philip’s and particularly Charles’s constant slagging off of wind turbines is a joke. Particularly when you consider that the bastards are tucking into a foie gras sandwich which is paid for by the proceeds of wind farm rentals.

A waste of money? A blot on the landscape? They don’t work? Absolutely useless? Philip has clearly got himself mixed up between wind farms and his family of parasites.

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Nov 21 2011 23:57


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Nov 22 2011 05:51

The Queen owns the sea bed??

working class s...
Nov 22 2011 09:50

Hahahha yes she does. Well, the royal family estate or whatever it is called owns it. All the seabed that falls within British territorial waters is owned by them

Nov 22 2011 15:53

I am surprised to learn he is still allowed to speak in public, as his numerous racist gaffs were reported to cause great embarrassment to his ‘better half’. Wonder what he did with his nice London taxi, which he used when travelling incognito to meet his west-end crumpet (presumably the old goat is passed driving/getting his leg over).

Nov 22 2011 19:45

The crown estate extends 12 nautical miles out to sea, and therefore any revenue generated by wind-farms located within the 12 nautical mile limit comes under the scope of the sovereign support grant, (or monumental stitch up as I like to call it), and the Windsors will cream off 15% of any annual profit courtesy of George Osbourne