1 April: Latest CPE protest news

Caen motorway blockade

Updates from the CPE struggle in France, including a motorway blockade in Caen, demonstrations in Paris, new photos and more.

-Photos just in of a road blockade of the 'periph' (periphery in Caen, from Thursday 30th March. The blockade was eventually cleared by CRS riot police using water cannons and tear gas, and is represented here in 70 photos of the events.

New eyewitness accounts
--from the demonstrations in Bordeaux last night

--from the past week in Rennes

-Photos from the spontaneous demonstration at Bastille after Chirac's speech last night

-9 arrested in margins of a 'wildcat demonstration' in Paris last night

-"To promulgate a law but to suspend it while waiting to changing it, (...) that cannot satisfy anybody" says a Midi-Pyrenees deputy of the UMP, the party of Villepin, Sarkozy and Chirac

-The Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, condemns the "acts of degradations" last night "in several districts of in the north and the east of Paris"

-François Holland, Socialist deputy (a deputy is the French equivilent of an MP), announced that the socialist members of Parliament were going to deposit a private bill to repeal the CPE

-the short speech of Jacques Chirac was watched last night by 20.6 million people, nearly 9 tv viewers out of 10

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