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The university is a racket

Discussing conflicts of interest on my school's Board of Trustees and some forms that all non-profit institutions are required to keep on their premises and that you can request!

The students are angry

The school president comes out of his house to talk to students

As tuition reaches untenable levels, American University students are uniting and fighting back

How can we emulate the Montréal students?

After a trip to Montréal I have some recommendations as to how we can get on their level.

An American in Montréal

An American student gives his impressions of the student struggles in Montreal

Soapy is on hunger strike

As of yesterday members of Students for Justice in Palestine began a hunger strike in solidarity with hunger striking Palestinian prisoners. The following is a statement we released explaining our actions.

Recent Israeli kidnappings in the West Bank

Understanding the Iran situation

Georgia prisoners continue hunger strike

The hunger strikes that began last year at Pelican Bay State Prison continue in Georgia and North Carolina

Akram Rikhawi passes 100th day of hunger strike

Following release of Mahmoud Sarsak, Palestinian prisoners continue to demand dignity.

“We have extended our hand, why do you clench your fist?”

On the Obama administration’s opposition to democracy in Egypt

The true legacy of Yitzhak Shamir

A man once described by the United States as a violent terrorist is now eulogized as a hero in the media.

Call in for Mahmoud Sarsak and Akram Rikhawi

Call Israeli authorities to demand release of Akram Rikhawi and Mahmoud Sarsak!

The colonizers have lied again; the May 14th agreement has been broken

The May 14th agreement made with Palestinian hunger strikers is broken as Mahmoud Sarsak enters day 80 of his hunger strike.

Palestinian prisoners approach death in hunger strike

Palestinian prisoners left out by May 14th agreement continue their hunger strike.

Victory for Palestinian hunger strikers

Fatah panics as hunger strikers approach death

2,000 Palestinian prisoners join mass hunger strike

Neoliberalizing the military

"Globalization" has finally come to the military. This means massive downsizing, even more privatization, the slashing of health benefits for soldiers, and a major push in the direction of drone based warfare.

Complete insanity: the U.S. and North Korea

Obama sentences thousands of Koreans to die of starvation for...some reason.