Some slight changes when submitting content

Some slight changes when submitting content

We have just made some minor changes to the forms for submitting content, to make things easier and to help improve the site, which are outlined below.

  • All content types now have more detailed guidance information for users on how to post content.
  • You can now also attach .mobi and .epub e-book files to articles.
  • File attachments will now be listed and displayed by default, so if you don't want file attachments to display you need to uncheck the list box.
  • You can now tag the location of image galleries.
  • You can now attach files to image galleries.
  • Tagging the location of blog posts is now easier as the map is now visible by default on the submission page.

Another big thank you to all of our users who help keep this site running, and we hope these changes help make life easier for you, and make the site better for our users.

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Feb 5 2012 12:01


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